Ultraman Blazar ep 8: The Rainbow Vanishes

Part 2 of the Rainbow saga deals with the aftermath of last episode’s battle, and Skard has to do something, especially with both Earth Garon and Ultraman Blazar failing to deal with Nijikagachi’s immense power, and even Gento sustained heavy injuries. What can the team do?

The team found Gento lying unconscious and took him to a hospital. After waking up, Gento knew who was the cause of Nijikagachi’s awakening and his crew about it, and then propose the idea of taking down the source of the problem itself, Professor Yokomine. I gotta say, that’s quite an extreme approach to solve the Kaiju problem. But he tried the dialogue way and that didn’t quite work out. This is a confrontation between two adults, so they’re willing to do any means necessary to solve their problem. If Professor Yokomine is willing to wipe out humanity to start a new civilization, then SKaRD has to have the same resolve, by taking down one to save humanity.

Saying that though, it seems that Gento still doesn’t have that resolve. This is shown later on when he and Teruaki discussed who should go and confront Professor Yokomine. When Teruaki volunteered himself to do that, Gento asked if he’s willing to take the professor’s life, which Teruaki turn this question back to Gento. From here, at least we can assume that Teruaki understands that Gento is still unsure of the thought of him taking down his own teacher’s life, so Teruaki volunteers to confront him instead. This also fitting since both of them are close to Professor Yokomine in some way. Teruaki read his books so many times and Gento is his student. Furthermore, Teruaki is Gento’s vice, and he is willing to bear a burden for his captain.

Another clash of ideals happened again in this episode, but this time it’s Teruaki who’s up against Yokomine. Before I get into that, I like how SKaRD confronts Professor Yokomine fully armed complete with Emi being a sniper, meanwhile Professor Yokomine just remained chill as usual. Just like the debate between the professor and Gento, they argue about how humanity’s extinction could be beneficial, because if there are humans that survived, they can tell the tales of nature’s terrors as they rebuild a civilization that Professor Yokomine wants. However, unlike Gento, Teruaki managed to counter this argument by bringing out other species, even Kaiju, that would be washed away by Professor Yokomine’s plans. This is fitting to Professor Yokomine’s book that revolves around the purity of Kaiju and also viewing humanity through the eye of the Kaiju, which Teruaki also states that it’s Professor Yokomine’s eyes. Also, not all Kaiju are bad, one of the examples is of course Lord Dorgo who is a guardian deity of the mountains. Professor Yokomine agreed with this statement, but still insists that he’s the more righteous one. After all, there can’t be two right answers according to him.

it was stated that Nijikagachi has a tiny crystal that is as hard as a diamond that is used for blasting the rainbow beam. The only option to destroy it is by using the Rail Cannon, which is part of Mod. 2 Custom of the Earth Garron. I have to admire Gento’s tenacity here for willing to suggests this idea, despite the equipment itself is not ready for combat yet. I understand Yasunobu’s concern of this, and I probably would side with him in this matter, but considering how dire the situation is, there really is no other choice aside from using it, combat ready or not (which is a staple in Toku to use prototypes in real battle). In action, this cannon recoils a lot when used, which is a disadvantage towards the goal of the operation, shooting the Kaiju’s crystal with a Rail Cannon. I like how Gento points out that the cannon could shoot down anything that comes from the sky. I hope that his could come into play in future episodes later.

Now is a rematch between Blazar and Nijikagachi, this time, Blazar managed to go toe-to-toe with it while dodging every beam blast the Kaiju fires, showing that he has learned from the last encounter. As the opening song starts (which signals the hero is about to win), Blazar leaps up to catch the rainbow, which turned into a Kaiju Stone. This is where we see the “inner space” that shows up in recent New Gen Ultras for the first time in this show. Honestly, I’m okay with it, because I knew it would appear in the show later anyway since it also appears in the opening. What’s interesting is this scene is shown in first person perspective, which cool to me. Anyway, this stone would later be used as a Blazar’s new finisher, a rainbow-colored giant Ultra Slash that cut the Kaijuu right in two.

On to the conclusion, with the Kaiju defeated, Professor Yokomine was arrested, but not before Teruaki ask him to sign his books. Pretty nice to see that Teruaki is still idolizes him despite the atrocity he just committed. Although, I felt quite unsatisfied about what happened to the professor next. He basically got off scott-free. With that being said though, it seems that Gento is happy that he’s still free fishing somewhere, and I think Professor Yokomine is now changed his way for the better thanks to his argument with Teruaki, and I believe that the smile he showed near the end is the sign of him believing in humanity as it looks like a sincere smile.

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