Bang Brave Bang Braven ep.7 Review: Burn Axe and Dark Truth

The previous episode of the anime ended with an extremely curious cliffhanger about the relationship between Superbia and Lulu. And not to disappoint the viewers, episode seven revealed Lulu’s role to Superbia and brought many interesting details as well as more exhilarating action scenes.
First, let’s talk about the battles in the first half of the episode. The battlefield is divided into two halves: Bravern and Isami go to confront the Deathdrive, whose tower is casting a shadow over Tokyo, trusting Superbia to Lewis. When the two sides prepare to enter battle, there is a nice little detail, which is Lewis calling Isami “partner”. This is a big milestone in the relationship between the two, as not long ago, they had many conflicts.

The fight between Isami and Cupiridas, despite the BURN AXE hype factor, is quite anti-climactic. Instead of a dramatic and serious battle with one of the “mini-bosses”, this encounter leans too deeply into humour and parody. Besides, wiping out a boss with quite an eye-catching design right in the first episode when he appears before he can show off anything is not really good writing, in my eyes. Therefore, even though few people expected a new weapon to be revealed, Burn Axe could not save this battle from becoming an L of the series.

On the other side of the battlefield, Lewis and his teammates had an outstanding performance. Although they did not have a real victory, Lewis’ command, the Titanstrides’ “clothe change”, and the simultaneous attack on Superbia under extremely banger music turned this scene into the episode’s highlight. Up to now, the Real Robots’ battle scenes are staged similarly to Braven’s action scenes in terms of quality.

When the fighting stops, the secrets are revealed. The biggest reveal in the episode is the wishes of the Deathdrives as well as the “use” of the Lulus. The Lulus being drained and their life force used as an energy source for the Deathdrives is the darkest thing ever in the series. Besides, the new Titanstride delivered to Lewis (whose design I really like) also has quite an important detail. That is, its system startup scene is similar to the system startup scene at the beginning of the opening. Does this mean this new Titanstride uses the same control system as Bravern?

Above all, episode seven thickens the veil of mystery covering Braven’s identity. The battle between Bravern and Cupiridas made viewers feel like Bravern knew everything in advance, and even this was like a game to him. Not to mention the suspicious activities and extraordinary powers that Braven did not reveal to anyone. Could it be that Braven is behind the scenes pulling all the strings? I really hope that’s not the case lol.
The two battles bring contrasting feelings, and small but important details are contained in episode seven of Bang Brave Bang Braven. What is the “storm” that Bravern mentions at the end of the episode? Let’s look forward to the next episode.

Getter Andy

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