Bang Brave Bang Bravern Ep 6 Review: Saviour at Dawn

After 2 episodes of scantily-cladded male-bonding, we get a good-ol’ Obari action episode. It’s also kinda funny that Obari named it Operation Uprising – and also emphasizing on liberating Japan (looking at you, Pacifi… uhhh never mind). As quirky and badass as Bravern is, the pace of the story is also quite nonchalant, which makes us think it will get at least 2 season if they want to have a compelling narrative that cover all the bases.

The episode started with Isami, Bravern and Lewis deploy on a recon mission. This is sorta the “awkward moment” where two people who went through a very silly moment together shortly before now have to do something serious together. You can feel the gap between Isami and Lewis decrease just a little. And it’s also kinda funny how Lewis is playing the serious soldier here while Isami is the reckless and stubborn one – which is a complete 180 in previous episodes. It is quite obvious the reason why since it is Japan – Isami’s home. And now he really comes to appreciate the power he now holds.

As mecha usually go, the light of hope only shine at the very last possible moment. The survivors of Japan – a fighting regiment – were still resisting the alien attack. Isami and Lewis was desperate about staying until the last second, but it seems that Bravern has already known about the survivors and aim to create a “cool” moment where he and Isami save everyone. If you’re a conspiracy theorist, you can say that Bravern has knowledge of the survivors but didn’t tell Isami, so that he can pull off the amazing Magneto/Quiet Zero moment. Not gonna lie, Bravern’s cockpit seems to have all of the super robot mechanism imaginable. Dude just pop up some crazy contraption – almost like another cockpit style altogether.
The new addition to the team looks pretty cool! We got new girl pilots to complement for all of the raging testosterone in recent episodes. The new real robot addition is neat too – they aren’t Aaron Rhino-tier but they still looks fun, especially with Obari-style animation. And of course we have a Japanese short-stack with a tsundere attitude and an American ara-ara onee-san. Obari out here pretending like we haven’t known his taste in animated women.

The re-encounter with Superbia is kinda silly though. And one would think Bravern would come up against another of those general-type that they showed in the OP, but nope – it’s Superbia again. And now they went all robosexual by giving him Sugita’s voice. Bravern punching him in the guts and hit him with a “translation shock” is both hilarious and sus af. Dude literally fed a giant robot Doraemon’s translation bread. And the revelation that Lulu is Superbia’s pilot is pretty obvious, but this might lead to Lewis becoming Superbia’s pilot instead. Nevertheless, I’d really like to see another general fight or a decisive battle like in ep 1.


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