Metallic Rouge Ep.12 Review: Climax Of The Piece

Here we go! After 2 episodes of space road trip and waiting in anticipation, we get the confrontations we were waiting for. Some of them are great, and some of them are a bit mid. But it’s good that we got a great confirmation about a theory we thought of in the last episode. And Naomi once again shined to carry the show.

First is a brief battle between Eden and Grauphon. Well, we saw from the previous episode that Grauphon is very powerful and is capable of manipulating freaking gravity. And Eden has shown to be near invincible with his skirt-guns. So this is a match of the ages. But we only got a very brief battle, and Eden was victorious. We later discovered that Grauphon was never really into the whole “free Neans” like Jill was. But he loved her and will stay beside her until his death. So, in the end, it’s more of a formality between the two strongest Proto-Neans.

The episode also tries to “recover” some of Giallon’s personality by making him a sort of hedonistic and nihilistic guy. He doesn’t really care about anything and just wants to enjoy his “meaningless” lives. At least when he gives Naomi the advice, it really helps her find her footing.

The fight between Flash Sylvia and Rouge was enjoyable. The choreography was great, and Sylvia showed her resolve. And, of course, she shows us why she is the leader of Alters by putting a lance through her chest and taking her ID. The show is good at raising the tension by making it seem like Rouge is hopeless for once. And Naomi bolted off, trying to set the entire space station off according to the “Visitor” order. As the “first” Nean, she has a job to follow her creator’s order. But her journey with Rouge has made her into something more than just an “agent” to Naomi. Naomi truly cherishes Rouge and would do anything for her…including sacrificing her life.

Naomi’s frantic sprint back to Rouge was superb. It was not just a normal cool-headed sprint; Naomi was screaming Rouge’s name and frantically sprinting to her. It looks pretty funny, but it also shows that Naomi has completely gone all-in on Rouge’s side. She giving Rouge the first Nean ID-core was very emotional. And I reckon this time, the rematch between Rouge and Jill will go very differently now that Rouge is more sure of herself than before.

As I suspected, Aes/Alice has flipped. It is very predictable but at the moment, I can’t think of a way for her/him to contribute to the fight. Maybe there’s some hidden ability that he/she can show us. It would be a saving grace if there’s something unexpected.

And Inspector Ash is kinda out of his element here, both figuratively and literally. Dude was just running around like a headless chicken and his only contribution is divulging the identity of the Puppetmaster – which we have all guessed by now. And yes, it’s professor Roy. It’s unknown if it’s really him or someone took his identity. Maybe he wasn’t even human to begin with. There’s a lot of thing they could do for him but with the pace it’s going, I doubt we’ll have a well-written one. At this point, just finish him and we’re done.

Sylvia has been one of the good aspect of the series, along with Naomi. They are predictable, but they are interesting and well-established. They are consistent every time we see them and we like them for that. Rouge is consistent too, but her development is a bit all over the place, and she needs a lot more screen time to get a satisfying development. To be fair, BONES should just replace some of the road trip or side incidents with more critical world building or character development.

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