Bang Brave Bang Bravern Ep.2 Review: the Lewis Slap is real

Bang Brave Bang Bravern has probably become the most favourite anime series of Winter 2024 for Mecha fans, thanks to the surprise that Masami Obari and Cygames Pictures have been cooking for 7 months. With episode two, this anime continues to prove itself as the best anime of the season, with other funny surprises.

The story of Bravern, Isami and Lewis continues right after the battle in volume one. The serious aspect of the anime is still well maintained: the opening of episode two is two extremely realistic scenes, in contrast to the Brave-like explosive ending in episode one – a makeshift funeral for the soldiers who fell in the recent battle and the interrogation of Isami that everyone can imagine was horrifying. In addition, there was a meeting between the military top brass and Bravern, where military high-ranking officials remained suspicious of each country’s intentions.

One of the highlights of this episode is Bravern’s personality. This conscious robot behaves like a typical Brave robot but has a chaotic and dramatic personality. I really laughed when Braven said “Chapter one” when retelling the story between him and Isami. Bravern’s personality gives me the feeling that the anime is following Gurren Lagann in taking specific elements from the Brave series/Super Robot genre, such as the personality and genuine gestures of heroic and righteous robots, cranking them up many times over, both to create humour and to convey the true emotions of old Super Robot series, to attract people who have not yet been exposed to this genre. Honestly, this is a pretty good way to do it because it helps keep those elements fresh while also retaining what fans love about the Super Robot genre.

In addition to Bravern’s humorous moments, episode two is a classic “I don’t want to pilot a robot” story. By the second episode, one thing became clear, which was that behind Lieutenant Isami Ao’s calm, cool facade, there was actually a wimpy person, and therefore, it was understandable that the “roller coaster” inside Bravern caused him such “psychological trauma”. The information-extracting interrogation he was subjected to made him even more reluctant to return to the cockpit of the Bravern. However, behind that wimpy person, there is another person – a person who wants to protect his comrades. When that person was awakened, viewers once again witnessed a hot-blooded Mecha pilot in the battle at the end of the episode – this time, Isami and Bravern bravely called out the sure-kill move’s name. Ironically, Isami continued to be treated badly after gaining the will to fight and try his best.
The episode ends with a final surprise, which is an extremely “masculine” ending – the two main characters strip bare-chested and sing ballads while holding hands passionately. I really don’t know what to say, it’s truly one of the endings of all time. Bravo Obari.

Episode Two of Bang Brave Bang Braven is an episode that is not too special in terms of plot but is still okay at the climax and extremely funny. Let’s look forward to seeing who the mysterious girl Lewis encounters at the beach is and what role she will play in the series.

Getter Andy

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