Mecha Profile: Megaton-Class Rogue Musashi-O – Megaton-kyuu Musashi

When there’s a mecha with similar name to the main mecha, you know it’s going to be badass! Even more so when it’s almost an exact replica of the main character’s Megaton-class and piloted by an experienced pilot. The Musashi-O is a wildcard that appeared out of nowhere and wow us with an amazing showing of strength and a very interesting design.

I. History:
– During an attack on the Ixia by the Dracter, Arshem was stranded on the desert with no help coming. Fortunately, she was rescued by Victor – who discovered the crash. Later on, they were attacked by wild worms, and Victor brought out the Musashi-O which surprises Arshem. Of course, it quickly defeated the worms with no issue.

– The Musashi-O was said to be one of the prototype Megatons that Victor discovered. He then used it to fight the Dracter and protect the people of Solon. Arshem even piloted it once as she wanted to learn Rogue piloting. Later on, when Ixia accepted the people of Solon onto the ship, Victor split from the group to do his own thing. Arshem also followed him.

– Victor and Arshem then discovered an abandoned city where lower-class Sidr soldiers were also stranded. Together they created an organization called the White Knights to work towards the co-existence between Sidr and Earth. The Musashi-O became one of the two main fighting mechas of the organization.

– The Musashi-O later joined the space battles between the Ame no Murakumo and the Ixion. After the war, Victor still travel the world to help people, bringing the Musashi-O along with him.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Musashi-O visually resembles the Musashi, but with a mostly white color-scheme. The unit was built using the Musashi blueprint. The most discerning feature is the giant O-shaped attachment on its back that act as a thruster. The backpack originally was split in half, when the Musashi-O starts up, the two halves form a ring and attach to the back.

– Unlike the Musashi, the Musashi-O is a single seater and it is unclear if it can separate into three parts. The cockpit entrance is on the abdomen where a hover bicycle is used to access it. Unlike the Musashi, the Musashi-O doesn’t have an assist AI.

– Just like the Musashi, the Musashi-O can also execute special attack sequences. It can do its own Megaton Punch version called Ganymede Crusher and the Diffusion Blaster. It can also execute the Megaton Arts – which is a charging attack that deals great damage in an area.

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