Synduality: Noir Ep 15 Review: Dueling Fates

Abandoned spaceport, knight-style battle between Kanata and Kuro Kamen. Even though the match was interrupted, waiting 2 episodes to see the fight scene was worth it. This episode also reveals a bit more about Ideal’s purpose as well as the relationship between Tokio and Kuro Kamen. I have to say that the story of season 2 has followed a slightly different narrative direction of season 1. In season 1, it focused on meeting and introducing characters, but in season 2 and till the current episode, it will be more about adventure and exploit the things have been mentioned in season 1.

First, What impressed me in this episode is that there is still a place in this world that is not affected by AO crystals and is still safe enough for living creatures to exist and live there. As at the beginning of the movie we see that the crab is still alive in the wild, perhaps this is a hint that humans can prepare to live outside the nest. Another thing in this episode that I’m also interested in is the Tunis spaceport. After so many years of abandonment, I didn’t expect that the antenna there could still work and that with just a little electricity, Mystere could find the signal of what was probably Historie in the sky. (besides, there is still a lot of oil stored underground, unfortunately Kanata blew it all up, What a waste).

Besides, The fight scenes and music of this episode are also worth mentioning. As for the animation, the fight scene between Daisyorge and Gilbow is really the smoothest when daisyorge runs and dodges shots from Gilbow. I can see they used some 3D scenes in the battle scene but the match between the scenes is still uniform. As for the music, the BGM song with the style of an aristocratic knight was played as an OST song for Gilbow. To be honest, this episode fight scenes with this BGM song are more attractive than the usual BGM using for the climax scenes, it creates a new feeling compared to the usual BGM and also has its own climax.

As for Kuro Kamen in this episode, he goes from being a mysterious character and the ace of Ideal to someone who is vulnerable because he meets someone related to his past. Honestly, from the scene where he threw down his gauntlet to challenge Kanata to the moment he tormented himself at the end with the line “Did you come just to laugh at me?” is a Char reference makes me feel like he’s a serious but ridiculously serious character type and makes me feel like this character is somehow funny.

Another character that also surprised me in this episode is Mouton. Although he only appeared in the last few minutes of the episode, he showed that he is not just an ordinary butler. All four people – Tokio, Kurokamen, Mouton and Schnee have known each other for a long time ago, Mouton Magus’s strength will certainly not be like Schnee – a type 0 capable of using elements power. But he also has his own tricks, exuding a gentleman’s composure and superiority over the Schnee, as evidenced by the fact that he can hack into Gilbow through contact line.

Overall, through this episode, The fight scene really met my satisfaction. Looking closely at Tokio and Kuro Kamen, the two of them were probably siblings. Similar hair color, eye color and German names, or perhaps they are experiments born to serve Ideal. Regarding Weisheit and Ideal, I’m not sure if they actually know the location of Historie or this organization wants to protect it from being known to the rest of humanity. But maybe through this episode we will soon have an episode to develop the characters between Tokio and Kurokamen.

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