Metallic Rouge Ep.11 Review: Last Minute Twist

Time to go! The final battle starts now – with both sides both possessing some serious fighters – who are no doubt the strongest Neans in existence. We expect Bones to pull off some incredible fight scenes in this climactic battle to solve perhaps the most important revolution in human history. But all we got was talking, running and kicking some mass-produced robot butts. Oh and I guess we also find out who is Gene’s father – and yeah, it’s Jet Black Noir. That twist is so out of left field that it’s not making an impact anymore.

Before the battle started, we get a little “family” history lesson about Professor Eva and the Junghards. It feels like in the last 3 episodes, we’ve been getting many accounts of this “family”. And each version is slightly different but also add to the story. At the end of the day, we still don’t get the whole picture about the most important character: Rouge. And Giallion Hell is living up to his name, by making every second he’s on screen Hell for the viewers. He’s the typical “evil just for the sake of being evil” type of character. But that type of character can also be well-written – like Rau le Creuset or Master Therion etc… But Giallion is not just evil but also annoying. His favorite activity is personal traumatization and being as obnoxious as he can. It would be great if he croak soon.

Grauphon and Jill’s interaction was kinda unexpected. I thought Jill like Jet, but it seems time has broken that bond. They also decided to give back Jet his code so he can fight at full power. Bad for the Alters, but great for us. I’d really like to see Jet go all-out against such an OP guy like Grauphon. These two powerhouses would have made an amazing combat sequence – but alas, it was not shown in this episode.

Inspector Ash and Cyan became the duo for this mission. And I am still wondering how he can survive the battle. He couldn’t even take out the guardbots without Cyan, he got a handgun that do absolutely nothing against the enemy. I hoped Naomi brought some toys for him but it seems our human inspector is going in bare. And of course, Cyan got yeeted (or rather, kid-napped) almost immediately. It seems the Puppetmaster has more plans for her – and Ash is mostly powerless to stop it. We are also given some hint that the Master is someone we know (or at least have seen before), so we’re eager to find out who it was. It might be prof Roy or something.

Aes/Alice is slowly experiencing a change of heart. I believe they will switch sides against Jill soon. Gene is still bidding his time and enjoying tea. Not sure what he’s going to accomplish.

Naomi and Rouge is still pretty standard this episode. They’ve reached their peak development and is now just seeing the series off. Their relationship has progressed quite a bit since the start. From just a simple work relationship to being close sisters. Now they can truly take their growth and pit it against Jill and her ideal, and stop whatever that creepy masked guy is planning.

And now to the twist of the century(?). The convo between Grauphon and Jet let loose a supposedly big secret: that Jet is Gene’s father? That’s kinda impossible since he’s a Nean – a fully robotic android. Eva was Gene’s biological mother, so that means there’s some freakery at play. Not sure if they will even attempt to explain this away, or just have Jet and Grauphon duke it out and call it a day.

You noticed I didn’t talk about the action this episode – because there were none. Rouge and Cyan kicked some mass-produced robot butts. But that’s about it. All the fighting will be in the last 2 eps – as well as tying up all the loose ends (if they can). Metallic Rouge has become increasingly inconsistent and disjointed the more it continues. While the production quality hasn’t taken a major nosedive, but there hasn’t been any major battles that really show off what BONES can do in later episodes. Let’s see how they will tie up the finale.

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