Synduality: Noir Ep 16 Review: Noir’s existence

Temporarily leaving the problems of Tokio and Macht in the previous episode, in this episode everything revolves around Noir and the problems she is facing as half of Mystere as well as Kanata’s Magus. Perhaps this episode is the one where we can see the exploitation of Noir’s perspective and feelings when she feels how helpless she is (even though she isn’t).

First, about Mystere and Noir being in the same body, this started to make me think again that no matter how many things Mystere has been through, no matter how many experiences she has, none of them have improved her personality. I think after this episode we need more episodes to improve Mystere’s character and her relationship with Noir and Kanata in the future. I’m pretty sure that the story will go in the direction of spending an episode so that Noir and Mystere can compromise with each other as well as the ending of this series can go in 3 directions (in case like Xenoblade 2 Mythra and Pyra split into 2 ). 1 is that after the final episode battle, Mystere will separate and go on her own journey, 2 is that she will die, 3 is like the ending of Xenoblade 2, Kanata has both (which i prefer the most :))) )

As for Noir, through this episode I saw that even though she thought she couldn’t do anything, she didn’t know that she brought life to Rock Town and won everyone’s love. I didn’t expect Noir to have such a big role for the people of Rock Town. In this episode, we saw how good and close the relationship between Noir and the people of Rock Town is. And I really didn’t expect that even Michael wouldn’t hesitate to help Noir and in return only asked her to deliver Bell Peppers to everyone. Furthermore, people welcome Noir with warmth, as they consider Noir herself as their own daughter, or their next door neighbour’s grandchild, it can be seen that her relationship with everyone is so good that she Wherever she delivered, everyone gave her something in return.

A scene that I also found impressive was how our girls tried to make a dish for Kanata, I can see that they really put their heart and effort into making the dish for him. Even though neither Ellie nor Noir had any experience (luckily they had Ange by their side). The moment when Noir tells Ellie that she should be with Kanata is probably in the context of the Rom-com genre, it is probably the stepping stone to the climax arc, unfortunately this is the post-apocalyptic mecha genre.

Overall, this episode is a perfect episode to explore Noir’s perspective as well as let the audience know what her thoughts are. Although she wants the best for her master – Kanata, she also shows that she has feelings and does not want to disappear. Now it’s Kanata’s turn to try to find a way to save both of them. He basically is on his own now (with Ciel but yeah we all know about “that”), Tokio disappeared, Noir is in this status, and there is also Ideal’s intention that Kanata must be more careful.

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