Synduality: Noir Ep 20 Review: The Unveiled Past

So a flashback episode has been made and it’s even before the final arc of the series. Many things have been revealed as well as hidden mysteries in the relationships of the characters, between Noir and Mystere, Tokio and Ideal. Actually, Pascale’s story really touched and impressed me about her, but I also want to know more about Amesia and Ideal story, hoping that these questions can be told in the game version.

Starting with the character Pascale, I didn’t think that besides her calm appearance, she could be so hyperactive lol. She actually ate grass the first time she came to the surface and then gradually went to explore everything around the world. Maybe it’s because she’s old and has nothing left to worry about or maybe the world on the surface is so gorgeous and attractive that it drowns out people’s fears (in a world that has experienced disasters and everything is dangerous on surface, Pascale’s adventurous spirit is perhaps the thing that shines in this world.)

We also learned that Noir is magus data shot down from Historie, but surprisingly what Ideal is looking for is the Black Box – Mystere. So I think maybe it’s necessary to have both Noir and Mystere in this final arc to be able to touch Historie, not just one of the two. Noir is now merged with Ciel’s body (even her hair is half white and half yellow), perhaps Ciel’s future Magus skill will be used again by Noir. Personally, I think there is still a problem in this story, because Ideal needs the Black Box Mystere to reach Historie, but Noir is sent from Historie, so separating Noir from Mystere is still important to Ideal Mystere. than to get to Historie and Noir maybe I think will be the guide or the person who knows everything about Historie but only when they get there.

Regarding Ideal, the back stories of all three people, Tokio, Weisheit and Macht, were probably the more interesting part of the episode for me than the first half of Pascale’s past (I was also quite surprised that Mouton was actually a Magus Zero too). Weisheit has the qualities of a leader, a psychological manipulator, and is willing to eliminate things that hinder his goals. In contrast to him, Tokio – Licht is alert, wise and knows what he wants in life. But as for Macht, I see that he is just a follower of others. Unlike the other two, he has a heart but is naive in his thinking and also a bit weak. To hide his shortcomings he put on a mask, he decided to follow Weisheit’s ideals, but there were times when he doubted those decisions. In the upcoming episodes, hopefully he will be able to decide for himself what he wants to do AND WITH Schnee.

So the flashback episode exploring the past of the remaining characters has been completed. Now perhaps the only thing left is how to develop Noir. She accepts that Ciel is now a part of her and continues to accompany Kanata. So there are only 4 episodes left for Synduality to end. Hopefully these 4 episodes will be epic and smooth, the Ideal will be resolved, the problem in Macht’s heart will be resolved, and Kanata’s group will reach the Historie.

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