Bang Brave Bang Bravern ep.3 Review: Beauty from the Beast

Bang Brave Bang Bravern is in very good form – the first two episodes have captured the attention of not only Mecha fans but also non-fans of the genre. This success is thanks to humorous surprises along with bombastic action scenes. Episode three continues that formula but with a slower pace than the previous two episodes.

Episode three picks up right after the ending of episode two when Lewis stumbles upon (literally) a strange girl lying on the beach. The episode focuses on the story of Lewis and the white-haired girl, with the friction between Isami and Bravern on the sidelines. Over the course of three episodes, Bang Brave Bang Bravern portrays Lewis Smith as a strong, kind and brave but somewhat unlucky character. In episode three, he rescues the mysterious girl in distress, finds her a place to stay, and takes care of her himself despite suspecting that she’s an enemy. Ironically, all that good work was rewarded with a beating and a lot of misunderstandings. Lewis’s qualities that shine even in unlucky situations gradually make me like this character more.

The relationship between Isami and Bravern became even worse due to Isami reaching the limit of his endurance after being stripped naked by Bravern at the end of episode two. That incident left him with such “psychological trauma” that he stayed in the cockpit for many days in a row, not eating, showering, or saying a word. Of course, all that pent-up frustration led to an argument between Isami and Bravern, but before that argument could be resolved, Bravern dragged Isami into another fight. Perhaps at some point, Isami’s emotion bubble will burst and cause unpredictable backlashes.

Episode three does not forget to add a heated battle and humorous moments. Although the fight scene in the episode is not as explosive as the previous two episodes, it does show viewers many new things, such as Bravern’s Brave Shu-ba-ba-ba-bang attack. As for the sense of humour, in addition to poking fun at Super Robot tropes, episode three also features Masami Obari’s trademark seggs jokes – I have to admit, those jokes are quite funny.

Episode three does a decent job of portraying Lewis as a person, fleshing out the relationship between Bravern and Isami, and preparing viewers for the plot details. We know that Lulu, the mysterious girl Lewis rescues, will have an important relationship with him through the opening. I look forward to seeing the interaction between the two in the next episode.

Getter Andy

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