Bang Brave Bang Bravern ep.9 Review: Explosive Double Climaxes

Bang Brave Bang Bravern is gradually coming to an end, with the storyline accelerated by the revelation of the Deathdrives’ motives and the sacrifice of Lewis Smith. With this momentum, the anime is pushed to its climax in episode 9 with the explanation of the biggest mystery, as well as the introduction of the first gattai form.
Continuing the story where it left off, episode 9 reveals the mystery that has been looming ever since the first episode: Bravern is Lewis Smith reincarnated. Although this plot twist was predicted by many viewers, including me, it was still a welcomed one. First of all because this is a good twist. I really like plot twists near the end of the series that make viewers look back at all the past episodes from a completely different perspective, like the Wolf Orphnoch twist in Kamen Rider Faiz.

Watching the previous episodes and seeing Bravern as a Lewis Smith from the future will certainly explain many things, as well as provide new watching experiences, while also allowing viewers to enjoy the hints about this twist that the show subtly adds. Besides, the fact that Lewis returned to the past and became close again with his brother-in-arms in another identity, reminded me of the ending of the movie TeneT: Neil (also a blonde soldier) reveals to the Protagonist that the future Protagonist was the one who recruited Neil, and that the two are long-time friends, making it that when the present Protagonist first meets Neil, that is when their friendship begins once again.

The other reason is because the reveal of this twist was done so wonderfully. Flashbacks of Lewis Smith’s life, from his childhood losses to his struggles in the army, to his bond with Isami, give viewers a glimpse into what motivated his decision to “refuse death”. His desire to become a hero, the efforts he puts in to do so, his bond with Isami, all of this is compressed and culminates in a monologue-like dialogue between Lewis and Isami. The gentle piano gradually turns heroic, heightening the emotions in this scene. The scene where Lewis lands on the Hawaiian island with a new body, gradually understanding everything while the instrumental version of “Ba-Bang to Suisan! Bang Bravern” plays, continuing and enhancing the emotions from the previous scene. Bringing Lewis and viewers back to the moment that started it all, after all we’s been through, is truly a heartfelt touch.

Of course, the climax of the episode doesn’t stop there. Episode 9 continues to explode with Burn Bravern’s combination scene. This is the moment that sums up Ao Isami’s entire character development. Like the Brave series, the Yuusha robot Bravern/Smith teaches Isami lessons about courage throughout the anime, and episode 9 is the culmination of all those lessons. Isami finally understood that what he lacked was not talent or strength, but courage, and overcame the grief of loss to fight Pessimism and Vanitas. Isami awakens his inner courage, and viewers witness the first gattai in the series, as well as the power of this form.

Burn Braven is a combination of many references to the Brave series, as well as to other anime series that Obari has participated in. Burn Dragon is a direct reference to Dragon Jet in Brave Exkaiser, from its appearance to its name. Burn Brave’s fusion scene, in addition to being reminiscent of Super Robot combinations like SRX, Great Exkaiser, Great Might Gaine, etc. there’s also a funny detail, which is Isami’s lines being displayed in front of the screen like karaoke lol. Burn Bravern’s appearance has elements borrowed from Great Exkaiser and even Gravion Sigma, a Mecha from Gravion, another tribute to Brave series also directed by Obari. Even though Burn Bravern is flashy overall, this guy really does way too much leg workout compared to his arms. Finally, Burn Bravern’s sure-kill move is a Might Gaine-esque scene – Tornado Arc and Brave Absolute Zubash make viewers nostalgic for Great Might Gaine’s Signal Beam and Double Dourinken. Although this finisher scene is not very unique or creative, witnessing a classic Super Robot sure-kill move recreated with today’s advanced techniques and technology is quite an experience.

Bang Brave Bang Bravern episode 9 moved me and probably many other viewers with the reveal of Braven’s identity, as well as the gattai and finishing move of Burn Bravern. This anime keeps getting better with each episode, so I hope that the climax in the final episodes will be even more “Yuuki Bakuhatsu” and emotional.

Getter Andy

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