Ultraman Blazar ep 18: Keep Digging Deeper

If there’s one thing I have to complain about Blazar, is that despite its amazing world building and character development, there doesn’t seem to be an overarching storyline. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious or de-factor big-bad just yet and while we’re more than halfway into the series (according to previous New Gen series), we can’t seem to see an end goal. The two most probably plot line I can see Blazar pursue is either the truth of “Blazar” – who he is, why he came to Earth and his connection with Gento years ago, or the shady stuff the GGF’s top brass is concealing regarding V99 and Emi’s father. After this episode, it seems we’re going for the 2nd option.

This episode includes another of Emi’s spy escapades – and she’s getting closer and closer to the experiment the GGF was conducting back then. That also means she’s putting herself in more and more risk, and it will be up to Gento/Blazar to get her out of it.

The Kaijuu for this episode is Irugo – a Kaiju capable of emitting poisonous gas – and furthermore, it is also a space Kaijuu which could potentially be the “Third Wave” that the GGF’s secret doc was referring about. We didn’t get any confirmation this episode but with how Chief Retsu ordered SKaRD to stand down, it’s quite telling. Irugo Gas also re-enact how we felt during the recent Covid-disaster, with masks being worn at all times and people quarantined from exposure to the gas – and that the wider it spread, the less people come to those places. Maybe it’s a reminder.

Of course, the GGF planned to deal with Irugo using their own Kaiju research team, and you can guess how well that goes. It’s also telegraphed by the fact that the fighter jet that the GGF used and the “high-tensive” wire they fired look super low budget. That’s how you can tell it is doomed from the get-go. We’re very familiar with very cool (but unpractical, but still cool) fighter aircraft from previous organizations, so to see just a plain jet flying in alone is a bit jarring. Maybe they left all the budget for Blazar. After GGF’s initial failure that caused a team of reporters to be trapped under debris, SKaRD finally joined the fray, with captain Gento and his iconic catchphrase “Ore ga Iku!” But this time, his heart is heavy with other things – namely his family.

With Blazar choosing Gento as a host to “learn” more about human, Gento’s development as a character has been great. With his team, he has become that quirky dad but reliable captain that they can count on – yet still joke at from time to time. For Emi, they have become “partners in crime” as they are tied together by the V99 project as well as the rescue mission that Gento participated in at that GGF test facility. But while Gento has gained a 2nd family at SKaRD, his “real” family was a bit neglected. He has been so busy with work that he hasn’t been able to spend time with his son and wife. His wife is understanding, but his son is way too young for that. Gento has slipped up and forgot about the present that Jun made for him. This has raised some idea in his wife that, well, maybe he’s doing something a bit more dangerous than the “Engineering Unit”. After seeing him in the field, rescuing people while holding a giant rifle, she must have had her confirmation. Still, his son was happy to see him saving other people, which inspires pride in him. Despite feeling upset that he hasn’t been able to spend time with his dad, Jun still take pride in his dad being a “hero”. In addition, Emi displaying the same affection for him while seeing him on TV is also very heart-warming, as Emi definitely looks up to Gento as a father figure.

Sooner or later, Gento will have to deal with his responsibiities, and it might become too much for him, so much so that his secret about being Blazar’s host might get out and cause a giant commotion. This is the first time where a main Ultra has been a captain and a father at the same time. Previously, we’ve got Zero’s host Leito who is also a family man – and his arc was pretty good, but this time Gento’s in the spotlight. And previously, Leito wasn’t able to balance between the two – so it’s going to be interesting to see how Gento/Blazar will play this out.

Another good thing this episode is A-kun and Teruaki and Yasunobu’s fight. After relentless scolding from Chief Retsu, they have shown that SKaRD is capable of combating the Kaiju and fight alongside Blazar as an equal – not just relying on him for the full fight. A-kun took on two of the Irugo heads with tactical precision and decisive attacks was pretty badass. Of course, Blazar is still the final finisher. Another thing is the “air purifier” thing from Blazar and A-kun – right when I was thinking of buying an air purifier for my house – so where can I get a Tilsonite sword purifier XD.

At the end of the episode, we see Irugo hasn’t been finished off yet. And Blazar will no doubt need a new power to defeat this beast from space – and what better to accompany lightning than Fires and Flames!

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