Shinkalion Change the World Ep.2 Review: The 1st Departure

Episode 2 of Shinkalion TCW has begun, although Taisei has made a decision when choosing to pilot Shinkalion, he is still just a beginner and has not had any practice except his compatibility with E5 Hayabusa. In this episode, we also learn more about the personalities and emotions of the two characters who will later accompany Taisei in the upcoming battles – Kuzuryu and Akane. And it is impossible not to mention the moral lessons that Ina taught Taisei as a child as well as to teach young viewers watching this show.

Although in the previous episode, Taisei decided to pilot the Shinkalion, it was just a sudden decision because he wanted to be cool and be able to protect others. In this episode, we realized that having determination is not enough; we also need skills and quick actions. Even though he had solved Unknown and reduced the damage to a minimum, it didn’t mean there was none. And now, for the first time, a 14-year-old kid feels the challenge for the first time, and he can’t do it perfectly, which leads to tormenting himself.
But thanks to this failure, Taisei remembered what his sister taught him. I am quite impressed with the integration of children’s educational lessons in this series. They have cool robots and a high moral lesson in this show, which is a great combination for a Saturday morning for kids. For example, in this episode, Taisei remembers two things that Ina taught him: the first is that no matter what, you should not say harsh words to others, and the second is ” Never laugh at someone who’s fallen. That person was only trying to walk. Failure isn’t uncool. What’s uncool is never even trying to get up and walk”. (Honestly, those are lessons not only for children but, I think, for adults as well)

Next is the battle scene of the E5 Hayabusa Trailer. The animation quality of the previous Shinkalion series is maintained, and E5 Hayabusa is now equipped with new weapons (of course, for letting Takara Tomy sell toys, lol). The fight scenes are combined between 3D and 2D and are still neat, and the final movie scene is very impressive.
Also, Taisei’s AI Vina is quite funny. If we say Shinkalion is a Manzai play, then Vina is the Tsukkomi character of this show. She pointed out that Taisei was still just a child and scolded Kadomichi sensei severely, even calling him a pops lol.

So, at the end of this episode, Taisei is determined to join Erda after failing, and he stands up. Kuzuryu and Akane’s inner problems were shown to us in this episode, with Kuzuryu wanting to pilot the Shinkalion as soon as possible, although he appeared to be optimistic, deep inside he was still very upset. As for Akane, he has to live in the shadow of his brother’s success. Within the next 5 episodes, the two will interact with Taisei, realizing their lessons and having their own Shinkalion.

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