Ultraman Blazar ep 12: A New Power & A New Bond

This episode concludes the internal conflict between Gento and Blazar, with them reaching understanding and attempting to “talk” with each other a little more. Not only that, Gento’s first contact with Blazar is elaborated more here, as in the reason why Blazar was there in the first place. The episode also marks the debut of Blazar’s new power – the Tilsonite Sword.

Before we get into that, let’s talk about the impact of the failed Kaiju extermination last episode. Man, the scene where SKaRD members are getting grilled by Chief Haruno is so hard to watch. I can just feel the pressure that they have to face when getting scolded. Although, his critiques of SKaRD’s failure last episode bring out some valid points. First off, they could’ve strike when Gebaruga is charging its powerful attack, even I just thought of this. If Gento wasn’t possessed by Blazar that time, maybe he would’ve done that, regardless if he succeeds or not. Then, Chief Haruno pointed out how they don’t try reactivating the Earth Garron. While Gento thought of that before, he chose to turn into Blazar. I’m pretty sure if he’s not pressured to transform, he would do exactly what he planned. While Teruaki attempted to support Gento by bringing out Anri’s injuries, but this just gave the chief a counter argument by bringing out how Gento woke up far away from Anri, making him suspected of desertion. It doesn’t get much better when Gento brought up how Blazar was saving them, which triggers Chief Haruno, especially how Blazar performed in the past two episodes. The nail in the coffin is when he brought how SKaRD never defeated the Kaiju on their own and how many have started to doubt SKaRD’s existence.

Not long after that, Gebaruga woke up used its EMP to disable the infrastructure on a large area surrounding him. Pretty sure this and Chief Haruno’s lecture puts a lot of pressure on SKaRD. Fortunately, they managed to come up with a solution to deal with Gebaruga’s EMP. All of this could happen because of “someone upstairs’ have laid the groundwork, which I assume is Chief Haruno himself based on Emi’s reaction when Gento brought it up. From this, I can at least assume that Chief Haruno isn’t as harsh of a chief as I saw him to be. The pieces are on the table, and all that’s left is propose this plan to the Commander. Thankfully, the proposal is accepted and he ordered Chief Haruno to execute it right away.

Now we reached the standout scenes of the episode (besides “that one”). This is due to them bringing back the intense military protocol that was present in the first episode. Heck, they even show the preparation for the operation. It’s like watching the first episode again, and even Shin Godzilla to some extent. From the Yasunobu and Teruaki inside the Earth Garron standing by on their position with the Mega Shot, Gento’s crews from the Bazanga operation setting up some explosives on various structures, to Emi and Anri luring Gebaruga to Earth Garron’s firing range. Throughout the preparation there are some character interactions to ease up the situation a bit, and they are pretty entertaining to watch. Seeing Emi convincing Gento is so heartwarming, considering what just happened earlier after they got scolded by Chief Haruno, proving that they still care for him whatever just happened. Although, she called him out for his reckless tendencies when Gento warned Emi and Anri to not do anything rash. Even his squads from the Bazanga operation also called him out for this, to the point where he starts reminiscing about the moment when he saved a lot of people three years ago, and his first contact with Blazar.

The operation starts with the first explosions near Gebaruga. I got to praise the coordination between each member in this operation. Each step of the plan flows so smoothly and keeps up the intensity until the moment Earth Garron managed to shot Gebaruga’s weak point, and all that’s left is to fight it head on. Earth Garron is definitely the highlight in this operation, as not only it managed to weaken Gebaruga, but it also able to go toe-to-toe with it. It’s able withstood its flurry of punches and counter attacks. Until it eventually overpowered by Gebaruga.

The scene where Gento realized that he had left the Blazar stone in his locker showed that the needs for Blazar has become instinctual and necessary. And you can see a pang of regret on Gento’s face as he once again charge recklessly at the Kaiju, but this time with only a meager gun on his hand. Obviously, he got blown off by Gebaruga’s stray beam blast. In his despair, Blazar calls Gento to look inside Blazar’s memories, where Gento sees what Blazar has been witnessing up until his first contact with Gento. In this memory, we can see the real reason why he shows up in that building that time. Turns out, Blazar is there because he’s trying to save the people inside, just like Gento. So, due to this coinciding ideal, Blazar granted Gento the power to transform into Blazar, at least that’s what I perceived of that scene. Also, it seems that Blazar already developed empathy with humans ever since his first contact with Gento. After all, the reason he’s there at that time is to save lives, just like Gento. After knowing a little more about Blazar, he regained his trust in the Ultra, making the Blazar Brace appears on his left arm, and the Blazar stone broke free from the locker to arrive at Gento’s side. It’s quite

During Blazar’s fight with Geabruga, something magical happened (and by that I meant the usual plot device). When Blazar pulled out the TIlsonite Spear that’s stuck on Gebaruga’s body, the rod turned into Tilsonite Sword. With this and the moment with Nijigakachi, it seems that Blazar has the ability to turn Kaiju’s powers in to his own at a certain condition. In this case, Blazar is managed to turn Garamon and Gebaruga’s powers into his own, because the sword has electric powers. I assume this is because of the Tilsonite Spear absorbing Gebaruga’s EMP powers when stuck in its body. The debut of this power is so awesome with some cool shots and special effects. Like, it is just a debut of a new weapon, but it is as epic as some of the form debut in other Ultra shows. I like how the sword looks in that episode, probably this is because the sword itself doesn’t look as toyetic. The only toyetic part of that sword is the pull-out gimmick to charge its powers and the ball thing that’s on it. The sword itself has some cool abilities, such as able to repel Gebaruga’s EMP blasts and also it is “chargable” with each level charges will unleash different skill, such as able to shoot out electric shots at two charges. Of course, with these abilities and Gebaruga’s weakened state, Blazar able to take down Gebaruga by slicing it in two in a thundering slash that looks pretty badass.

There are some things that piqued my interest after Gebaruga is taken down. First is when Chief Haruno talking to someone the phone with someone, reporting that the second wave has been repelled. “Second wave” … What “wave” is he talking about? Is it the waves of Kaiju that has appeared in the show from Gedos to Gebaruga? Considering how the opening showcases the Kaiju that appeared during this first half of the show, I assume so. Or is it just Gebaruga, and the “wave” here stands for a powerful Kaiju that appeared? Considering the episode when Bazanga appeared is called “First Wave”. Also, who is this person that’s Chief Haruno contacting? Is it the higher ups of the GGF or some unknown third party that knows more about the Kaiju? I’m interested to find out who this person is, just like me interested to see how Blazar and Gento’s relationship is going to develop right after they reconciled. So, after they beat Gebaruga, Gento told Blazar that they need to get to know each other better. I assume that there will be more scenes of Gento talking to Blazar in his mind for him to know Blazar more. Also, remember how the Blazar Stone broke out of the locker? Turns out, Blazar’s breaking out of there made more of a mess than it looks initially, complete with a giant hole in the room. And Gento’s chain of facial expression from surprised to angry to relief really shows the development in their relationship.

Overall, watching this episode is like watching a puzzle being solved. With various characters and ideas showing up in the episodes, as if the episodes before this is building up to something more. Gento’s squad from the Bazanga operation helping out on Gebaruga operation. Mr. Hirano helping out modifying the core element of the operation, the Mega Shot, that made its debut back in episode 5. The Tilsonite material from Garamon that played an important role in Gebaruga’s weakness and Blazar’s new power. Lastly, the memories that Blazar made this far that managed to make Gento come to his senses.

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