Synduality: Noir Ep 14 Review: The Power To Reach “That Place”

Starting off with episode 2 of Synduality is the rocket scene, and also the plan for Kanata and Mystere to go to Historie. Following episode 1, in this episode we learn more about Historie’s location as well as learn more about Mystere’s past. This episode still doesn’t have fight scenes, it’s still just a buffer episode for the next episode but that doesn’t mean this episode is boring to watch, actually I think many people like it and have already made content about it.

First, This episode continues to tell part of Mystere’s past with her former master Pascale. Through the rare flashback scenes of this episode, I determined that she is the type of person who spends her whole life completing her journey so that she can close her eyes without regrets. And there’s only one last thing left on her bucket list, which is to reach Historie. Now, even though she’s no longer with Mystere, her dream will be inherited and Mystere will complete it with Kanata.

Besides, about Mystere and Noir, now the two seem to be able to switch like flipping a switch, but the one in charge is still Mystere. Although the access activity log has been shared with Mystere, it will probably take an episode of development for Noir for her to stand on equal with her other half. Through the past 2 eps, we have seen how important Mystere role plays in Kanata’s daily life (I mean, he also got 6 packs lol). However, if left like this, Mystere will take over the importance of Noir’s role and then Noir will not appear anymore => there will be an extremely important situation => Kanata got coma or something like that, and that plot will be pushed to the climax of the story (quite typical i guess if it’s follow this type of story).

As for Kanata, it seems that mental maturity and experience are not enough, he also needs to improve physically and thanks to Mystere’s training, it seems that he has become physically stronger very fast (lots of protein in 1 day, gymbros approved). It seems that in this era there are no materials or technologies durable enough to overcome 10,000 meters. I feel a bit weird here, because they have developed coffins and nests, as well as the technology to make 3D foods, but space technology cannot reproduce it lol.
As for Ellie, I was quite surprised at her concern for Kanata and Noir. She truly considered Noir an indispensable friend in her life, and wished that Noir would not disappear. To be honest, even though Ellie seems like she’s probably going to lose in the love battle, she still has good sides that are worth appreciating.

Overall, through this episode, I see that Pascale is an worth image to following, living to do what you want and not being afraid to step out of your safezone, which is probably a necessary medicine for young people today (quite is the same as Zombie 100). Sooner or later, the conflict between Kanata and Ciel will happen, perhaps within the next 1 or 2 episodes. Mystere is a person who has lived through two lives of Masters. Even though she seems bad-mouth, she knows exactly what separation is like. The advice has been given, now we just have to wait for what Ciel will do.

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