Synduality: Noir Ep 13 Review: Burning Desire

The 2nd cour of Synduality: Noir has started, and it jumps right into the thick of it with some pretty crazy development. Now that the “learning about each other” arc has passed, it’s time to tackle the biggest question posed at the start of the series – the legendary city Histoire and Noir, nay, Mystere’s actual past with her master Pascale.

Well, since Mystere has only been around for one episode in the last cour, the majority of this episode is dedicated to establishing her character in modern times. And calling her a stuck-up gal would be an understatement. She’s extremely tsundere and set in her ways when wars and conflicts were so common that even water was a precious resource. Seeing her reacting to various establishments and Nests is quite funny, and seeing Ciel is always a treat for us. Well, at the end, she has essentially come to term with the fact that the world has changed, and for the better as well. I guess being in a world without her master and that Kanata is kinda weak compared to Drifters of old got on her bad side and caused her to act quite mean. But Kanata’s enthusiasm and acceptance finally got through.

The other brief but no less important session was Tokio and his “secret” quest. It seems he’s pursuing Kurokamen to get some answers out of him regarding the events of last season. Tokio’s past, and by extension, Kanata’s past, seems to be quite complicated. But from the looks of things, it seems to have to do with a terrible accident involving Kanata’s family back then. Hopefully we’ll get some answers later.

After a whole episode with Mystere, we finally get Noir back…for a bit. Now that it’s shown that it is possible to swap between the two based on their current desires and emotion, it should be much easier for them to switch between each other to support Kanata. But if they are one and the same, then the finale might involve Kanata trying to “separate” them since he’s obviously infatuated with Noir while he’s respecting Mystere’s relationship with Pascale. The fast pace of this ep along with a lot of setup for future plot makes this a more promising season than the last.

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