Synduality: Noir Ep 22 Review: Macht’s true wish

Kanata’s preparations for his trip to Historie have begun and he will certainly have resistance from Ideal. A while ago they couldn’t even build a proper rocket, but now thanks to the help of everyone in Rocktown Maria has even built two and has a runway. At the same time, this episode also ends the character development process of Macht along with satisfied battle scenes between the two sides.

As for Kanata, there is nothing more to say, he has matured, his skills have become sharper and his ability to improvise in combat was clearly demonstrated when confronting the Glibow team in the air. Kanata was able to completely isolate Macht by taking care of two of his subordinates and battle with Macht 1 vs 1. As for Tokio and Mouton, he now once again confronted Macht and finished his unfinished business. I was quite surprised with Mouton’s Magus skill, it’s not really anything big, it’s simply calculating at a speed so fast that can stops time, not calling lightning, shooting ice or manipulating other Magus. But perhaps this skill of Mouton is suitable for the fighting style of Tokio – who has the ability to flexibly take advantage of the environment and improvise.

As for Macht, his real wish that day was to be more determined in leaving with Tokio. Because of his hesitation at that time, he lost his desire as the first episodes showed us. The fact that he stayed and wore a mask seemed to want to hide his emotions or maybe that mask seemed to mean that he only focused on Ideal’s ideals and didn’t see anything else.

As for the animation of this episode, it was done very well, still maintaining the pace of each Coffin’s movements, as well as the spotlight of the new Daisyorge or even Johngasmaker having new equipment and colors for this near-final episode. Personally, I quite like Johngasmaker’s design as well as the Tokio character, I hope bandai can release his HG model. At the same time, I can’t help but mention Weisheit’s Coffin. Perhaps of all the Coffins, I personally think his is the most beautiful and balanced so far, as well as those tentacles that look very villainous.

The music is equally well-rounded, if in the previous episode we heard almost all Ciel’s songs, in this episode there are familiar BGMs that have been used since the first episodes of the episode and there are some that I must said that it hasn’t appeared for a long time, it makes me feel a bit sad because the movie is about to come to an end.

Another episode ended and Macht may have been brought to Kanata’s side, but in addition Weisheit kidnapped Mystere and took a ship. His plot is now clear, he wants to create a world without Magus and human once again rule all, now we just have to wait and see what Kanata and the others will do next.

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