Bang Brave Bang Bravern ep.10 review: Days of Future Past

After episode 9, it seemed like the series had shown all the plot twists and was about to enter the final battle, but no, episode 10 continued to surprise viewers with a plot twist that no one expected. Although this plot twist wasn’t built up in advance, and came from nowhere, it gives Lulu, an already fan favourite character, more depth.
Episode 10 of the series really try to pull a “Days of Future Past”. Although the anime pulled this plot twist out of nowhere, in my opinion it was executed quite well. Using the 21:9 aspect ratio, commonly used in cinematic movies, for this plot twist scene is a great creative choice to tell a flashback – the uncommon aspect ratio creates a sense of watching a movie about Lulu’s memories. This choice not only draws a clear line of distinction between memory and the present, but also creates a visual artistic experience. The scene where Superbia gives Lulu her emblem necklace in the late afternoon is truly a beautiful scene, and it would have been difficult to convey the emotion in that scene without the 21:9 aspect ratio.

In addition, scenes about Lulu’s memories are also an affirmation from the Bang Brave Bang Bravern team that they can execute gloomy moments and explosive and humorous scenes. Bravern’s devastated appearance, his dying voice expressed through distortion in the sound, and a grey filter covering the entire scene, create a terrifying scene of the defeated hero. Besides, the scene where Superbia gives Lulu the necklace also provides a strong sense of “peaceful memory”, thanks to the aspect ratio, the colour and details of the scenery, like the flowers.

After the flashback scenes, we are brought back to the anime’s familiar mix of campy humour and seriousness. Although the entire “omiai” process between Lulu and Superbia is quite humorous, Lulu’s determination contrasts with her painful memories, as well as the bond between her and Superbia expressed through recollection of “oji-sama”, still combines well with the humorous segments and helps this bonding process avoid being shallow. Even so, I have to say the ending of the omiai, although visually very beautiful and sparkling was pretty close to being disgusting, Obari really should curb his horniness lol.

Episode 10 of Bang Brave Bang Bravern turned an exciting character into an even better character. Despite using a somewhat abrupt plot twist, the episode turned into an emotional personal struggle for Lulu and Superbia. Hopefully, we can see what this nephew and Uncle duo can do in the next episode.

Getter Andy

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