Metallic Rouge Ep.10 Review: Space Road Trip

At the eve of the final battle, Metallic Rouge pulled a…relaxing road trip and flashback episode? I understand the need to “prep” the character for the final battle as well as blanketing the calm before the storm. But the whole ordeal seems…forced and manufactured – as if the characters are being forced to act according to a script by a higher power. And this power doesn’t seem to know how to write good development.

Surprised! Cyan is back…but not the Cyan you knew and seen. She suddenly became as cute as a kitten and have zero hostility towards Rouge. They explained it by making her schizophrenic (well, not literally), but saying, “Oh, a voice made me do it, and I just do”, is like the laziest and lamest excuse for a personality switch. With this “change”, Naomi wasn’t too trusting of her, the usual “enemy character switched sides so we have to be wary of them” kind we’ve seen in many series – but they made it out to be a skit between Naomi and Cyan. And although Cyan didn’t do anything to “redeem” herself, everyone just let it roll anyway. Although Rouge has become much more mature here – which is a good thing to see, the character of Cyan feels empty and is just a convenient plot device.

A pretty nice moment in this episode is actually between Eden and Jill – despite them being very far away from each other. During the banquet dinner of the Immortal Nine, Jill was very excited to reminisce about the peaceful past of the Proto-Neans. They were young, carefree, and they were all family. The beautiful memories between them really make for an ideal painting. We were also told that Eden and Jill were actually an item – which is pretty cute if you think about it. However, fate has driven them in two separate ways, and having Giallon pour salt over the wounds is just an effective way to give Jill’s true motivation a rise to the surface. She is doing this for the Neans, for the Immortal Nine, and for her beloved. On the other hand, while Eden is slowly wasting away, he is also doing this for his beloved. But he didn’t say it outright who it is, so unless we get a surprise plot twist, let’s hope it’s for our bloodthirsty photographer.

The Puppeteer also seems to be “human”. Although just like any other mad scientist, he has cast away his humanity to satisfy his curiosity and ambition. The dude probably just wants to watch the planets burn. Although, given the fact that Naomi was able to fool us for so many episodes, he might have as well – and the truth is that he might not be human – or he could be someone we’ve already seen previously. Cyan said he made her, but she is the spitting clone of Rouge – this might be a hint towards the Puppeteer identity.

The Code Eve is also being extracted from the Immortal Nine. Although I doubt it will be the “miracle cure” for the Asimov Code like Jill envisioned. I think it will be twisted and made use of by the Puppeteer or the Usurper to control all Neans for another war. And, of course, Rouge will be the key to stopping it.

I also feel that Naomi is being used to carry the “good team”. She’s going all wacky but also serious at times to facilitate the development of other characters. Naomi herself is also an interesting character – being the first Nean to shoulder a huge responsibility. She also has great skills and abilities in many aspects; at most times, she can seem nonchalant, but during critical moments, she is decisive, strategic and confident. There’s no fault I can blame on her except for this ep where she seems over-zealous of Cyan because she claims to be Rouge’s sister and kind of clings to her – which has always been Naomi’s place. So basically, it’s a sister feud of sorts.

The last 2 (or 3) episodes will no doubt be an all-out battle between Rouge’s side and the Immortal Nine. Although the other side’s power seems overwhelming, Rouge just got Cyan – who is as strong as her. I’m not sure what Inspector Ash can do, but he can probably bullet through Puppeteer’s head. Eden will probably perish during his battle with Jill or Grauphon. And we still have Gene left – who has been an underwhelming wildcard. Let’s see what happens next.

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