Bullbuster Ep 3 Review: It’s Depressin’ time(?)

This episode is quite heavy considering it follow a very light-hearted episode 2. Moreso when it opens with a heart-warming celebration where everyone congratulate Tetsurou on a job well-done. However, disaster strike on a corporate level and we get to see what it’s like when a regular employee bring almost irreparable damage to the company and the immense pressure that follows. This episode also expand more upon the situation of the company as well as the resident of the Ryugan Island.

Well, Tetsurou mucked up. He uploaded a video containing sensitive information to the Warudo Waido Webbu, and we all know that means it is near impossible to erase. That video basically reveal the fact that there are Giant Beasts on the island, which the company has kept secret all this time. The goal of keeping it under wrap is to dispose of the Beasts themselves and allow the resident to return to the island safely, without having the JSDF swooping in and occupying it, turning it into a research base. That’s a very risky decision and I’m kinda surprise they managed to keep it under wrap all these times, but I guess the power of anime plot is stronger than normal logic.

Regrettably, we also see the selfish side of human this time. The residents of Ryugan Island are getting restless and they demand progress or at least answers. Unfortunately, Namidome doesn’t have enough for them. And as a result, President Kouji was berated heavily and had to kowtowed and ask for another chance. It’s a heart-breaking scene that struck Tetsurou at his core. The fact that they worked so hard and even risked their lives to exterminate the beasts but all they got back is scorn and complaints. However, it’s also a double-issue. The people are running out of patience AND money to support the company, and yet no visible progress has been made. Both sides have valid reason, but the way they handle the issue is quite heart-breaking. The Youth Representation guy was very understanding however, it shows that the younger generation knows more about the struggle of their peers, but the older people aren’t so forgiving as they have less time left.

Tetsurou is obviously the one that took the blow the hardest. Understandably so when he basically just joined the company for a few days, yet he made all the leadership of the company got on their knees and ask for forgiveness, not to mention damage to their publicity, it’s a very heavy burden that no new employee want to shoulder. And it’s a big pressure to shake free of the guilt and work towards fixing the issue. Thankfully, around Tetsurou are people that have experienced failure and what it felt like to be at rock-bottom, and they are people who knew what would happen if you let go. Old man Mutou is the one that pull Tetsurou out of the darkness. Perhaps the most fitting one because despite his rough exterior, he is quite a gentle and caring man. While Pres Kouji is a good gentleman, he is quite laid-back and is shown to usually be yelled at by Kataoka, Mutou is a more fitting father figure for Tetsurou for sure.

Luckily, the damage wasn’t too serious. The head-office people were surprisingly understanding, also because the damages weren’t too severe and the designer people we saw last ep helped create counter-argument that the video was fabricated (which it is not!). This turned into a crazy ride for everyone but in the end, it turned out okay.

Luckily, Tetsurou managed to pull himself out of the slump and is determined to fix his mistake. On the other hand, Arumi is once again recklessly going to the island alone to hunt a small mutated beast. She has shown to be quite an emotional girl but in the end, she’s also human. She is afraid in the face of such a thing especially since it “could be” something she knows. From the preview, Tetsurou will definitely come to her aid next episode, and we will finally get some action after 2 ep full of character drama.

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