Bang Brave Bang Bravern Ep 5 Review: Bromance Is A Man’s Romance

Well Obari has been cooking this anime with all of his bells and whistles, even going so far as making a very…suggestive ending. But this episode pushed it to the limit when the two main male characters attempt to “reconcile” their rocky relationship not through words, but some good old skin-on-skin boxing that gets the fujoshis going crazy.

After the ending of episode 4, the ATF and Bravern headed to Japan to fight off the alien. Even though everyone was severely shocked and upset when they saw Tokyo up in massive flames with no sign of life, they seems to have mostly recovered their normal mood in this episode, which is a bit…odd. No matter, what is on Lewis’ mind right now is how to improve his relationship with Isami (and get the hang of Lulu). It’s quite weird to see Lewis being very obsessed about another dude from another country’s army. And the reason is obviously Bravern. His existence have caused a lot of questions to pop up inside Lewis and the fact that Bravern fervently deny Lewis and only accept Isami is another point that makes him interest in Isami.

Well, luckily for Lewis, Isami also want to improve his relationship with Lewis. Because Lewis has been there to “encourage” him to pilot Bravern, and in turn earned him the respect and welcome of everyone on the force. Isami must have realized that Lewis also had an impact on his reputation. After being hailed as a hero, Isami realized the impact he had on the situation by piloting Bravern, and it’s all thanks to Lewis for giving him the push.

Well, but they are both men. And men don’t tend to speak their feelings aloud to one another (only to a woman). But of course, if words aren’t viable, then us “otokos” can also talk with our fists, and that’s basically what happened. It’s kinda funny to see the high-ranking officers just went along with it and basically turn a blind’s eye on the shenanigans. A boxing bout between the proud American Lewis and the reserved Isami began. Isami caught him off-guard, but Lewis rallied and was able to pushed him down. Now this is where the “fun
Obari really went full Angel’s Blade on this one – showing two men (instead of two girls) grinding on top of each other. Well it’s not really intentional but the innuendos are there and we all know what went through their minds when they made that scene. The reaction of the mechanic girl is no doubt the same one that the fujoshis were making when they watched the scene. Not to mention all the sweaty boxing sequence between two very well-built man.

Aside from all the say gex I mean bromance, we also got some interesting tidbits here and there. Like the Toku show that Lewis like – Spar Kaiser – is basically a human version of Bravern. The design of the show’s main hero is a spitting image of Bravern, which really raises some question on who exactly is Bravern and where does he come from? Furthermore, Bravern has a dimensional printer that can “3d print” anything. Well the word “dimensional” suggest their advancement – maybe even capable of multiversal travel or time travel. If Obari went the Orgun route, then Bravern might originally be human (and the mysterious enemy too), but then something has changed them into the mechanical lifeforms they are today. And of course, we get some really cute Lulu moments this ep.


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