Bullbuster Ep 10 Review: It’s Time To Fight Back

Well that merger sure lasted long! Episode 10 of Bullbuster basically bring down the house on the Namidome – Shiota deal with Tetsurou and Arumi and Shirogane leading a “rebel”, going on an absolute warpath as they expose the truth to the public. President Tajima was a bit of an indecisive one this episode, but he finally gathered his courage and do what’s right for his company and employees.

Well, it turns out his family is still fine – President Tajima’s that is. His wife and daughter is separated from him, but he hasn’t severed the legal ties yet. But he signed the paper now, and that’s the end of that. He’s basically preparing himself to go against a big corporation like Shiota and he wants no strings attached that could potentially affect his wife and kid. Well I think it’s an admirable move, but still his family situation wasn’t as grave as we thought but still kinda messy. Marriage certainly is a complex topic.

And he finally got the “confirmation” from the Shiota big wig, confirming that everything Nagisa and Tetsurou said was true. They were just trying to silence the employees and used their big corpo resources to shut down any potential harm to the company’s image. Damage and public relation control is a very familiar game in the corporation world, and Shiota is no stranger to it. Tajima finally realized that they are literally trying to strangle Namidome by the neck, and getting rid of them later on.

The livestream idea from Shirogane and Tetsurou is pretty interesting, and they basically went the gen Z route on waging war with Shiota. It’s pretty funny how technology has enabled people to go all out on their own and make a huge impact just by livestreaming – a relatively easy process to do. Although President Tajima didn’t seem to be fully on-board with the idea, at least he realized that this is the breaking point and he either have to go for it or be left behind forever. And he has chosen to side with his employees – which is a very rare thing to happen in this day and age. But he’s just normal management and isn’t upper management who is generally detached from their subordinates. Tajima work closely with everyone employees and is shown to be a caring adult, although that is also why Namidome was struggling financially, because he was too easy-going.

Well this episode didn’t actually progress like we thought, especially with Tajima’s development. We expected something more drastic and decisive from him. However, he still succeeded in siding with his employees and has now fully defied Shiota. The quest to investigate the origin of the Giant Beasts will no doubt reveal the truth, and that will force Shiota to join the fray. Looking forward to the last 2 episodes.

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