Synduality: Noir Ep 21 Review: New diva’s wish

After two explosive episodes of Synduality, this episode is a break before the final arc of the movie. So, is there anything worth watching in this episode? The answer is yes. This episode shows viewers how Noir will develop and become an important part of the series’s storyline. It also features Tokio’s return and his promise to explain everything to Kanata, of course, accompanied by Kanata’s full-power punishment punch, lol.

This whole episode is the process of Noir accepting Ciel’s body and what she wants to do from the bottom of her heart the first time she wants to do something. Even though Noir wishes to live and Ciel can no longer be saved, she still feels guilty for using Ciel’s body as her new vessel. The fact that Noir wants to sing could be due to being influenced by Ciel; it could also be because Ciel’s fan complimented her for having a good voice or because Noir wanted to sing to express herself. The good news is that besides being Kanata’s partner, Noir also wants to sing, making her character more human.

The animations of this episode made me feel a bit out of sync with the previous episodes. After the studio put all its resources into polishing the images of the earlier episodes, this one was like being assigned to other animators to do so. After seeing the previous episodes’ drawings, shadows and colours, this drawing is more of a slice-of-life genre. Hopefully, the studio will do this to reduce the burden on the series’ leading animators. On the contrary, I think the background is stunning in the scene where Noir and Ciel sing. There are many scenes that viewers can cut out as wallpaper, especially the part where Noir sings Your Song. On the other hand, the music is outstanding; all three songs, daydream, Genwaku Desire and Your Song, were inherited by Noir from Ciel. Your song was also entirely performed by Noir and Ciel on stage.

So, another episode has ended, and we have seen Noir complete her character development and Kanata upgrading Daisy Ogre to prepare for her next battle. After telling about his past, Tokio continues to leave, and perhaps the scenario will have him confront Weisheit while Kanata confronts Macht. The next episode will be a confrontation between Kanata and Macht, let’s see what Kanata’s plan is to face to him.

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