Ultraman Blazar ep 15 Review: Kaiju Is Art…Literally

After a spree of heavy episodes, it’s nice to see a light-hearted episode for once. With that in mind, what could be more light-hearted than a group of children, specifically Jun and his friends. The start of this episode is quite innocent, with the kids talking about their test and Jun and one of his other friend drawing doodles in his secret base, seems innocent enough, right? Until this one friend had a BRILLIANT idea to ask Jun to draw a Kaiju. Something tells me that drawing a Kaiju in an Ultra series will never end well… Sure enough, in the night after the Kaiju is drawn, it came to life and starts swarming around and causing uproar with news reporting its sightings.

This Kaiju is called Gavadon, an adorable tsuchinoko-like Kaiju that born from a child’s drawing due to a strange light. Luckily for this Kaiju, it is so adorable that the kids will do anything to protect it. From keeping this Kaiju a secret from grown-ups, to the more extreme measure, by just making it bigger than before so that no one even the GGF could stop it, which eventually stopped by Blazar instead.  Even when Blazar is fighting it, the kids is begging him to stop attacking it, since Gavadon is just sleeping. While I agree that Gavadon itself is just sleeping innocently, it is still a hindrance. Not a threat, just a hindrance. So, it needs to be taken out of the Earth, which what Blazar literally did.

Aside from Blazar taking Gavadon out of the Earth peacefully (or just Gavadon in general), there are other heartwarming scenes in this episode, it is a light-hearted episode after all. Seeing Gento trying to make it up to Jun due to him missing his son’s Sports Day really shows just how caring he is with his family. Jun too is an understanding child, suggesting his dad to take a rest instead, so that he’s not tiring himself out from toiling away at work and home. Also, this episode is where we see Jun acting more like a child, where he plays around with his friends and doodling stuff, which is what Jun’s mother wants since she doesn’t want to hold back his feelings, even Gento want to play with Jun too. Lastly, the main topic of this episode is the revelation that Arata (one of Jun’s friends) is about to move out to America due to his mother’s job. So, the times he spent with Jun is him making the most out of his time on Japan. From showing Jun his secret base to playing together with Gavadon is such a joy to watch, that a moment of Arata’s farewell to Gavadon and his promise to his friends to keep being friends even when they’re apart is pretty sad and wholesome at the same time.

Of course, no light-hearted episode is complete without some comedic moments. There are two moments that I’d like to highlight. First is when Gento finished having an online meeting with his SKaRD squads, where he forgot to cut off the meeting and accidentally showing them that he’s wearing an underwear, which I find pretty funny and relatable. Pretty sure there are some moments when you have to attend an online meeting but you’re too lazy to dress up. So, you just wear a nice suit for your upper body, but what you’re wearing on your lower body is just a short or boxer. Pretty nice of them to depict this particular situation and what could go wrong with it. Then we have the entirety of Blazar’s fight against Gavadon. Gavadon’s body is so squishy that anything that’s thrown at it will bounce off, complete with “boing” sound effects. Thus, the entirety of the fight is just that, where Blazar fails to land a solid hit at that thing, EVEN with his Chilsonite sword. So, his last resort is to use his Spiral Burrade as a claw machine, as in one of those that you can find on the arcades.

The idea itself is pretty funny, but what makes this scene even funnier is Teruaki and Yasunobu’s reaction to this. Also, the fact this fight apparently last until sunset to the point where Blazar became exhausted that his attacks to Gavadon is reduced to just dragging him away and a mere slap is also hilarious. Well, probably not that much when this scene is accompanied with the kids crying to him to stop attacking Gavadon.

So overall, pretty enjoyable episode to watch with a mix of wholesome and funny moments. A nice episode to cooldown for the next episode that will up the tensity back, especially with Emi deploying the Earth Garron for the first time.

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