Ultraman Blazar ep 22: The Price Of Kindness

This episode of Blazar Deviate from the usual focus on the SKaRD team, and focus on a normal civiliian instead. the fact that the series is in focusing on the main storyline It is making me a bit concerned. I’m not sure how many episodes the series have left, but focusing on episodic and side filler story is not the most optimal choice. However this episode is quite heartwarming with a very valuable message about humanity’s kindness which is pretty nice.

While this episode doesn’t focus on SKaRD, We still have some pretty nice moment with the team. Anri and Yasunobu has become very close After the previous episodes which is very nice to see. They look good together. and we also get a hint of an upgrade for Earth Garon, which is a space type use. It could be a hint that there will be a final kaiju boss from space.

otherwise this episode doesn’t have much else in relation to SKaRD or the GGF. And the majority of the episodes is focused on a salaryman working for an insurance company – Tetsuo. Tesco is your traditional Japanese Salesman, who prefer going door to door instead of cold calling the customers. It’s not so much about being technological savvy But more about building a genuine relationship Between human.

Testro is a genuine good guy. of course he is very old fashioned And often get himself in way more than he can chew, However he is very passionate and sincere and I think that’s a good quality in every human. He is willing to go shopping for the old woman and even fix her light come on to her chores and all of those things. while those activities is very time consuming and take a lot of effort, it usually leads to a sincere relationship that will help you make the sale. I’m upfront impression is very important and if you can show the customers that you are wholeheartedly supporting them, they are more likely to use your service.

Although Tetsuo went above and beyond his normal duties , which is rushing out to save the old woman despite the kaiju attack. that is a very dangerous action that could very well gotten him killed. But after interacting with the old woman he has become involved. Also he cherished life a lot with the thought that if your house is destroyed it can always be rebuilt, the important thing is to stay alive another day. It’s a shame that Blazar or Gento didn’t interact with Tetsuo in this episode, Which could have been a good lesson for the Ultraman.

this episode action sequence was very consistent with the previous. however I really like the scenes where the Earth Garon and the Kaisers are fighting in the background, While Tatsuo is carrying the old woman on his back. and uh the way the shock looks is very unique and convey a very good message. it’s also pretty funny that blazar having been frozen, summoned Firedran To melt him, and even melt Earth Garon as well. of course the episode ends with a spectacular explosion as well as Tatsuo receiving recognition from his company. All is well that ends well. Now if only plays are could pick up the pace and focus on the main overarching plots of the series, It would be much more efficient and interesting for the audience.

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