Metallic Rouge Ep.7 Review: Saving Private Rouge

After six episodes of Rouge and Naomi’s Excellent Adventure, the plot of Metallic Rouge gradually enters its climax. Naomi’s true identity, Rouge’s imprisonment, the final Immortal Nine revealed, and more. A lot happens in episode seven, but not all of it is presented in a good way; it is mostly the opposite.

Viewers can realise that the story is gradually coming to an end when the factions in the movie are revealing most of their mysteries. Naomi Ortman is not really acting but is an agent of the Protection Bureau, and Rouge is imprisoned. In addition, episode 7 also revealed the true identities of Jill and Aes/Alice, as well as an Immortal Nine appearing from nowhere – Graufon.

Metallic Rouge‘s plot actually gets weaker and weaker – characters appear/reveal secrets simply because the plot requires it, not for any compelling reason. Because the storyline is so rushed, it is difficult to appreciate the scenes intended to “create depth”, such as the Asimov Code death scene or when Rouge is questioned about her morality by Aes/Alice.
In terms of audio-visual, I still have to praise the filmmaking team. Flash Sylvia’s Gladiator form design and fighting style are quite cool, and the melancholy music that accompanies her fight scene is a great song. Besides, the fact that Aes and Alice use the same body is quite an interesting detail, creating the feeling of a multi-personality character, especially for a femboy enjoyer like me.

Metallic Rouge episode 7 is truly a breaking point for the series, not that the series wasn’t difficult to watch before, as everything in the plot plays out as if everyone on the crew, except the animators and composer, just wanted to get it done. Can future episodes save this anime? Let’s wait and see.

Getter Andy
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