Ultraman Blazar ep 17: Ultraman Bleachzar

Not much is really happening in this episode, what did happen is pretty interesting. Basically, the premise of this episode is there 108 Kaiju spirits are still wandering around after they are defeated. These spirits are harmless however, and won’t cause any harm since everything they pass by would just phase through. For that, a wandering alien named Zangill have to send these spirits to rest with his powers. However, there’s one more spirit that is still wandering around, and because the grudge this spirit has, its spirit becomes physical and starts terrorizing the city. Because of this, Zangill runs to Gento and Blazar to help him defeat the spirit. All I can say, how ironic knowing the spirit that is currently thrashing the city.

First, let’s talk about Zangill himself. In short, I like him. There’s something charming about characters doing the samurai speak, it gives them this dignified vibes, and Zangill is no exception. I find this quite fitting since he was beaten by a swordsman who wears like a samurai armor, who then gave Zangill tasks to “save” the souls of the Kaiju so that they could pass on the next world, which could be Zangill’s salvation later. His backstory is also pretty good for an alien who takes pride in defeating strong opponents from planet to planet. In addition to that, as an alien who’s familiarize himself with human customs, his interaction with Gento who’s comprehending the fact that he’s now communicating with an alien is quite intriguing, with how he finds his way of speaking to be quite strange for the era that he lived in, and also how Zangill appreciates human culture in general, even if it is as simple as a coffee.
Now we got into the monster that’s currently rampaging the city, which is a spirit of Nijigakachi, who’s now having a physical body due to absorbing powers from Zangill’s crystal. So, this is basically a rematch of it and Blazar with an assistance from Zangill.

However, this “reborn” Nijigakachi is more clever and powerful than its first appearance. For starters, it managed to destroy the attack that finished it before, the Rainbow Slash. In addition, it’s immune to physical attacks, which is shown when Blazar trying to deflect its attack with his Chilsonite Sword, the sword just passes through. That is until Zangill imbued Blazar’s sword with his power. Going on a tangent, Blazar antics is really entertaining to watch here. I like how he looked at his sword and wondering why his sword passes through. Also, Blazar’s amazed look when Zangill’s powers are transferred into his sword, and then managed to deflect the Kaiju’s attack, then jumping around like a monkey afterwards is funny to watch. Back to Nijikagachi’s powers. Eventually, Blazar and Zangill managed to cut it into two pieces, but Nijikagachi still able to find a way to fight back, by clamping the two pieces of its body in between of Zangill and then possessing him, which makes him attacking Blazar and Earth Garron.

What happens next between Blazar and Zangill is pretty cool. Blazar and Zangill braced themselves, and then strike each other with one swing, but Blazar is the one who won. However, this is done by Blazar not to beat Zangill, instead he striked Zangill with the blunt edge of his sword to make Nijikagachi’s soul came out of Zangill’s body. This entire sequence is like something coming out of a samurai media, with two characters having a “one-strike-duel” with each other, even Teruaki brought it up. With Zangill regained his consciousness, him and Blazar finishes off Nijikagachi’s soul once and for all.

The ending of this episode is quite bittersweet. It’s sweet because Zangill felt grateful to be able to stop the final soul with Gento’s assistance, and Gento himself is finally warming up to Zangill by introducing himself and Blazar at the end. However, it’s bitter because after all of this, there is nothing left for Zangill who is revealed to be a wandering soul, because the crystal that contains his corporeal is gradually losing his power, which made him disappear at the end. Will he come back in the future episodes? Who knows, but I want him to come back, since he could be an interesting side character who fights Blazar to overcome like a strong Kaiju.

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