Metallic Rouge Ep.6 Review: Murder on the Orient Express and Kamen Rouge-der

After messing around in Wellstown city, the duo Rouge and Naomi show up on a shuttle heading to Earth. On this ship, they are entangled in a series of murders committed by a familiar psychopath. Although the plot is still quite confusing, episode six has many humorous situations and references to Kamen Rider.

In terms of plot, there is not much worth mentioning besides the appearance of a pair of new characters, the twin brothers Aes and Alice, and the information that in the Ministry of Truth, there are spies from the Protection Bureau. The serial murders committed by Jaron, a member of the Immortal Nine, on the ship, although initially quite tense, were resolved too quickly and simply, resulting in not leaving much emotion. The way Rouge and Naomi caught Jaron was quite humorous compared to a serious situation, which was quite anticlimactic for me. In addition, the fact that a psycho, who only works on the sidelines, does not directly interfere in things and likes to play “cat and mouse” shows up just to get his ass kicked doesn’t feel right. However, these things are just me nitpicking. Regarding Aes and Alice, there is a high possibility that they are part of the Immortal Nine due to the way Alice watched Jaron fall to Earth and called him “a dirty shooting star”.

The humorous details in the episode really do their job well. I have to admit that the way Naomi distinguishes between Rouge and the real Rouge and the scene where Rouge “interrogates” the passengers are quite funny. Besides that, the episode also added not one but two Kamen Rider references when Rouge unintentionally recreates Kamen Rider Ichigo’s henshin pose and Rouge-der Kicks when fighting Jaron.
Of course, the climax of the episode is the battle between Rouge and Jaron, when the crazy Vash the Stampede informs her that he was the one who impersonated Rouge and murdered her father. This revelation doesn’t surprise or impress me much because he is the only one who has been able to disguise himself as someone else from the beginning of the series until now and has used Rouge’s Gladiator form for his dastardly work. Episode six ends by answering the mystery posed at the beginning of the episode: Naomi stands with people from the Protection Bureau, ordering Rouge’s arrest. Is Naomi the “mole” mentioned, or is she just acting and will save Rouge later?

Metallic Rouge episode 6 is a relaxing episode after the intense events while also softly setting up the characters and situations for upcoming big events. This episode still didn’t improve the film’s rating much in my eyes, and as usual, I hope the writing team will try harder in future episodes.

Getter Andy
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