Bullbuster Ep 6 Review: It’s Harassment Time

This episode focus on the new characters that we got introduced to last week, namely the star intern Namiri and the gentle researcher Nagisa. Tension rises as conflicts between colleagues flare up, as well as some very unsavory situation in the workplace. Bullbuster once again toned down the action yet heightened the character drama to drive home once again what the series is about.

Next is Namiri’s situation. He has proven to be a very, very rule-abiding employee – exceedingly so. He follow the employee rulebook to a T and refuse to deviate even one millimeter from it. This caused literally everyone headache due to him refusing to work in emergencies and zero flexibility in his work. Namiri represent the lack of empathy workers who are either too ignorant to care or too scared to deviate and/or improvise. One might think if you veer off from the “rules”, you will get punished or scolded, and so they refuse to be flexible in their work,, staying strictly within the line. However, this can sometimes paint you as a “manager’s pet” or a hard-headed colleague. Namiri seems to be the latter, and everyone kinda don’t want to work with him.

Things exploded when Okino lashed out at Namari – and causing him to be visibly upset. President Kouji was quite passive this episode, opting for more observation and only interfere at the last minute. The scenes where he observe old man Kitaoka and Namari argue was kinda funny – where he obviously think “Oh dang, there’s two of them now.” Kitaoka and Namari are obviously 2 peas in a pod, with both are sticklers to the rules but Namari is even more extreme. So it makes sense that Kitaoka isn’t really fond of the new guy even though he was the most excited when he came on board. Also pawning off employees to subsidiaries because he doesn’t “fit in” at the head office is something that happens in real life as well, especially family companies or giant corpos that doesn’t care much for “talent” rather than “obedience”.

Tetsurou really let his emotions got the better of him this episode, with his jealousy and frustration exploding all over Namari in public. Namari is oblivious to the fact that his behaviour was too rigid and inflexible, and Tetsurou just slammed him with the truth no holds barred. He was visibly upset and ended up leaving the restaurant after Pres Kouji intervened. This will surely impact Namari’s relationship with everyone since Tetsurou basically screamed “everyone hates you” straight into his face. But more than that, we might have some thrilling action next ep, when they teased a literal zombie dog going on a rampage and the grief of an owner that has to put down her own pet.

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