Bullbuster Ep 12 Review: Final Extermination

Well, we have finally reached a conclusion. The climax for Bullbusters is finally here, and to be honest, if they had kept up this quality for the entire series, it would have been fantastic. However, all good things come too late, but at least Bullbuster Have an explosive and impressive climax.

Shiota is basically out of the picture temporarily for the final operation, and Namidome has full authority to act as the people’s representative. And the plan that they came up with is quite thorough. I really like this kind of big operation where multiple divisions carry out different vital tasks. The division of duty makes it feel like everyone’s role is important, and rightly so in this one. It’s been very long since we have two machines working together, not to mention FOUR! Yes, all FOUR machines of Namidome have deployed in this episode, and it’s pretty awesome. Also, thanks to a much more substantial threat from the Beasts.

As a double whammy, they revealed two twists about the Beast that really caught us off-guard: Shiota’s affiliate dumped a bunch of animal corpses down to the lake to raise a literal zombie army. And we got a Zilla’s expy in this episode as well – a giant Giant Beast (well, the giant out of all of them). These two combined make for a very intense battle to complete the operations, and it actually felt like things could go very, very badly. This sort of intensity was never felt in previous episodes.

The cooperation between everyone is very nice to see. It’s great to see the Namidome employees, as well as the Island’s residents, working together. There are some pretty hair-raising moments, but overall, things progressed quite nicely. It’s a pity that Nagisa didn’t get to join the operation. We also get a President Tajima Lock-on Moment lol when he raised that gun and a giant shot came racing through from behind his back. It really gives me a certain episode’s flashback from Gundam 00. Arumi and Muto is definitely the MVP this time, with a very cool highlight from Tetsurou. Muto has been pretty solid since the start, showing that the old machine isn’t just for show.

Tetsurou’s moment was pretty cool, and is a typical mecha pilot final gambit. Although the fact that literally everyone made it out without a scratch is pretty unbelievable. Many instances that could have result in severe injuries were avoided by a hair’s breadth, talk about plot armor! But hey, at least the spirit is there.

Mr. Smug Boss got rekt on all fronts and had to flee the country. It was revealed that he was with ASDF originally and that he was sent to Shiota to do their dirty work. The scene where Pres Tajima confronted him in full formal attire was pretty badass. Although I reckoned Shinichiro can do a harder voice than that, but it’s probably his age catching up to him. You can feel his voice is much weaker than several years ago. But still, it was enough to make the bastard drop his smile, and that’s a win. Even though the “true” mastermind wasn’t brought to justice, the Island was reclaimed and the Giant Beast issue was resolved, as is often the case in real life – the top of the top is almost untouchable, but as long as the people are happy, there’s something to celebrate about.

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