Bang Brave Bang Bravern Ep.4 Review: The Calm Before The Storm

After three episodes, Bang Brave Bang Bravern is still an interesting anime in Winter 2024, with humorous, entertaining moments and exciting battles. Coming to episode four, the anime shows that it can do more, with slow but calm character moments.

The fourth episode relaxes the story pace compared to the past episodes. There are no action scenes, but focus entirely on the interactions between the characters. Like previous episodes, the plot in the episode continues to revolve around the two characters Isami and Lewis – we see more about the mysterious girl Lulu and the relationship between her and Lewis. Lulu’s gestures are truly adorable, and her interactions with Lewis are like siblings/father and son, which is quite heartwarming for an anime with a military setting. Her interactions with people around her create good, gentle comedy moments that are not overdone. Lewis also seems less suffering than in previous episodes, smiling and talking more when with Lulu. He deserves it after what he went through in the previous episodes.

Seeing Lewis enjoying life like that, combined with his pent-up frustration, made Isami unable to help but feel jealous and annoyed with Lewis. He felt uncomfortable because Lewis was having fun while he had to bear the responsibility of controlling Bravern and endure the chaotic personality of this sentient robot. The episode has a good solution, which is for Bravern to take Isami to a crowded bar, where he can relax and realise that his job and mission are not just difficult and full of hardship. There are also many grateful and supportive people behind him. After that, Isami also talked about Lewis, and from there, he somewhat understood that his jealousy about Lewis was just an unreasonable assumption. This is a necessary silence to develop the character. For this, I applaud the writer and director.
The end of the episode is a pretty good morale-setting scene for the next episode. When witnessing Tokyo engulfed in flames, not only did the soldiers in Hawaii feel sad and motivated to expel the invaders, but perhaps the viewers did, too. I can’t wait to see their march towards Tokyo in the next episode.

I usually appreciate slow character moments in Mecha anime, and the Bang Brave Bang Bravern team has proven that they can slow down the pace and insert such moments between dramatic action scenes. Therefore, I like episode four and expect many great things from this anime.

Getter Andy

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