Shinkalion Change the World Ep.1 Review: Surprise Begins

The new Shinkalion series has begun, starting with a new story and new characters. In the first episode, the film showed us what the main character, Taisen, is like, as well as introducing the disappearance of his sister – the key plot of the series.

We start with Taisen, a second-year middle school boy with an introverted personality but a strong love for the Shinkansen train. Even though his sister hasn’t shown much yet and is also missing, Taisen still remembers what she taught and tries to follow it. As his sister said, to become a cool person and have something to protect, perhaps this is a long process for Taisen to grow into the person his sister wants him to be.
Although Kuzuryu and Mai have only been introduced, and they haven’t had much acting space yet, in the next episodes, they will be a source of encouragement for Taisei in the face of challenges. Also, I think Taisei’s special Navi, left by his sister, may have a role in upgrading Shinkalion later.

The story arrangement of episode 1 is also quite confusing. I thought the story would be in the stage where Taisei is part of ERDA because the first 2 minutes after Taisei’s childhood scene is him and his friends fighting, but then it’s back to the beginning of Taisei when he hasn’t joined the Shinkansen club yet. I think if we keep the scene of Taisei driving the Shinkalion at the beginning of the series and gradually flashback to the past, plus the episode of his missing sister, it will make the film more interesting.
The opening song of Shinkalion this time, Senkou Hayabusa, is catchy and easy to listen to. Regarding animation, I am very satisfied because the opening still retains the style of the previous Shinkalion series, and the scene showing the title is cool enough and makes enough effort for audiences to use it as their computer wallpaper.

So, with determination and the ability to remember his words, Taisei chose to pilot the Shinkalion even though he knew he could be in danger. Besides, I also appreciate that the plot still follows the children’s love and enthusiasm for trains. A safe start and nothing too outstanding, let’s see how the following episodes of Shinkalion Change the World will develop.

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