Synduality: Noir Ep 17 Review: Breaking Point

With both Noir and Mystere out of the picture, Kanata is sent into a frenzy to reclaim them, but the chance is slim and the only option is to find an abandoned Magus Type Zero body, and it’s not easy with Idea hunting them at every turn. And Kanata couldn’t even turn back because even his comrades betray him…or is it?

Maria has been a great supporting this season, basically being the brains for Kanata’s operation. Well but even a genius has her limits, as this phenomenon is probably the first in history that ever happened. The only person that could help Noir’s situation is Alba – and he presented a solution in no time flat. I kinda feel like Alba is a convenient plot device that they setup to give Kanata the solution he needs. Well, no matter, his main attraction is in the game anyway.

Now to Tokio, we get to see some pretty interesting attraction here. He has shredded the mask of “Tokio” and temporary returned as “Licht” – also known as the alias “Shirokamen”. The complete opposite but still chuuni naming scheme Tokio has provided a bit of levity for the seriousness of this episode. But from his words, we can see that Tokio and Weisheit/Ideal go way back – even before Tokio and Kanata’s relationship. Such a playful character with such a dark background was unexpected and I’m eager to know more.

Now we get to see some Kurokamen frustration. He’s beginning to act more like Char Aznable in Zeta – still a cool and collected dude on the surface, but just a tiny bit of provocation and he flip. Seeing him getting all bothered by Tokio’s return really hinted at a more favorable relationship between those two but that was all in the past. A twist to reveal Kurokamen’s true face underneath his facade is interesting also, especially with how “flawless” he was in the first season. His role as a “support” for Kanata has ended, and now he has become the counterweight for Tokio/Kanata himself. Hopefully we get some great development for him. In addition, seeing Schnee getting flustered by a normal Magus like Mouton really made me chuckle, it shows that Mouton and Tokio have had a ton of experience fighting alongside each other that even a Type Zero has to show them respect.

And then what we were waiting for has finally come: The bitter betrayal of Ciel. During the fight to escape, Kanata was struck from behind by his only companion at that moment. He left Ellie behind, Tokio left him, and Noir/Mystere is stuck in limbo. Ciel was the only levity Kanata had and the only one he could entrust his back to during the journey to Amasia. But alas, to his shock, Ciel – who has been gentle and supportive and cheerful – has delivered the finishing blow straight to his back.

Of course for seasoned viewers, we know this isn’t going to be how it ends, and Ciel will most likely have a change of heart somewhere down the line. But this development will certainly affect Kanata as a whole. However, we know Kanata is a naive idiot but also straightforward and sees thing for what its worth, so fingers-crossed that he will pull through for Ciel and Noir/Mystere.

This episode has been very action-packed and even though the progression is a bit predictable, it still tells a comprehensive story. And the characters have been quite compelling since season 2 started. It’s like season 1 was going through a slump then suddenly ignited a fire at the end…then staying silent for 3 month only to return guns-blazing!

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