Synduality: Noir Ep 12 Review: The Calm After The Storm After Another Storm

Finally the last episode of season 1 has come, to be honest I didn’t expect the story to go in this direction and that’s why it became a plus point and I personally think this is one of the best episodes of the season 1. The debut of Mystere, Tokio knowing who Kurokamen really is, all information is released continuously like a big explosion to prepare for season 2 of Synduality Noir.

First, about Mystere and Noir, Mystere accidentally appeared once in episode 6 when using her powers. At first, I thought Noir accidentally released her powers and regained her memories temporary, but I didn’t expect that the scriptwriter turned this Magus into a 2-in-1 (Kanata is really stonk in this huh). Based on what Mystere said, Noir is a Safe mode so I think she will be called Awaken mode. However, listen to me guys, I have seen many movies with similar characters and I must say that Noir and Mystere are quite similar to Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicle 2. We have one calm side, the other feisty, has the ability to change into 2 forms, the main character has a friend that he admires, well I’m pretty sure the writer has played Xenoblade lol. I also think that in this scenario Kanata will gain both Mystere’s affection as well as Mystere will accept him as her Drifter. Unless there is a deathflag waiting for Mystere so that Kanata and Noir can be a couple, then I think it might be the same ending of Xenoblade 2 that will also split Noir and Mystere into 2 and Kanata has 3 Magus.

Besides, Mystere has memories from 20 years ago, about Historie as well as how to get there. She probably encountered something in her past that was enough to make her want to fall asleep forever and never wake up. About this clue, I really hope that the writer will bring Alba and Ada back in season 2. Maybe Mystere also holds the answer that Alba has been looking for for the past 20 years. About Noir, perhaps because she feels that Kanata is growing stronger day by day, she also feels useless towards herself. Here we can see the feelings of fear of being left behind and of not being needed clearly in Noir’s heart, completely opposite to Mystere. The plot I think may also change the two of them accepting themselves and becoming one and helping Kanata in the final battle beside the previous one I mentioned.

As for Kanata, I probably won’t say too much other than that he was called a hack by Mystere, as well as Mystere commented that compared to 20 years ago, the Drifter of this era seems to have been weaker and there are not many people left as skillful as before. This proves that the Drifters’ skills 20 years ago must have been the same as Alba or Macht or stronger because back then things were probably more dangerous than now.

Then Tokio and Macht, I guess that Macht is the person who appeared in Tokio’s past scene in ep 10. Perhaps because his eyes are filled with hatred, Macht in the present is retracing his path like Schnee said, he was like a lost child. Maybe there will be an episode to flashback the past of both, Tokio and Macht.

Overall, So season 1 of Synduality Noir is over, I can say that after 12 eps the content is still at a fine level. It doesn’t have too many outstanding things or too many bad points, everything is still in a safe, controllable zone. I expected Macht to appear in this episode to help Kanata, but perhaps 8bit wanted to keep him for a larger purpose. And through the trailer of season 2 we can also see that Macht will face Kanata maybe in the first episode of next season or maybe around episode 17 or 18. Another thing that makes me feel quite entertained in this episode is the appearance of Bab, Bib, Bub, Beb when Michael is about to propose to Maria. If we include Bob, we have an identical Magus group with the same name. They only have one vowel difference, but that’s full 5 vowels for 5 magus lol.

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