Bullbuster Ep 5 Review: It’s Recruitin’ Time!

This episode pushes the series far, far along the way with many revelations that might end up a crazy development or a simple cop-out. Furthermore, we also got introduced to new characters – which is very nice timing considering we’re almost half into the show. The new characters are quite interesting in terms of potential, and will definitely introduce new relationship dynamic in the show. The series will likely have 1 season, so we’ll hopefully get more meaningful development soon.

The corporate issue this episode is outsourcing – or rather, calling in favors. The research institute affiliated with Namidome’s parent company was in charge of analyzing the specimen that they bring in. And with the successful capture of Shiro in the last episode, everyone was expecting a breakthrough discovery. However, they were hit with a half-baked analysis with essentially no new information. When President Kouji confronted the head researcher about such lackluster results, he was hit with the “we’re doing this on our own time and our own dime, you’re not in the position to ask for more.” Basically the head researcher do not want to waste his employee’s work hours to work on what is essentially a “not-for-profit” project. He channeled Kitaoka quite well since these two has one thing in common: they don’t want to waste any resources on things that don’t make money. No matter how crucial the task was to the fate of Namidome as well as numerous Ryugan Island residents, if it doesn’t pay, it doesn’t get prioritized.

But thanks to this hard-headed old man, we get to meet the adorable researcher Nagisa Mizuhara. She’s a very gentle and intelligent individual, and she is very compassionate about Namidome’s issue. She’s good-hearted and doesn’t mind going out of her way to help them. She spent her time analyzing Shiro, formulate a report, sneaking out company’s resource and visiting Namidome in secret – all on her own volition. Even though this won’t land her any bonus cheque, she still pours her all into it. Her soothing gentle voice is like a goddess and her enthusiasm to assist is astounding. Definitely stealing the show’s spotlight this week!

The other character that was introduced this ep is Shuichi Namari – which is basically office worker Alto Saotome from Macross. Dude looks nerdy yet sport a really weird haircut. And he is a graduate from an elite school with very high prospects, even though he’s still an intern. It’s obvious that he and Tetsuro will butthead a lot due to their totally opposite presentation. Tetsurou will be the reckless guy that usually screw things up, and Shuichi will be the upright outstanding employee that accomplish great feats. We’ll see how their relationship turn out. Another aspect that Bullbuster doesn’t follow Dai-Guard is the office romance aspect. We see Tetsurou getting flustered by Arumi exactly one time. And there have been absolutely no romantic element in the show. It seems that they are hyper-focused on the pest-eradication for now.

Next episode of Bullbuster will probably flesh out Shuichi as a character while Stuart Little gather information. It’ll be interesting to see how everyone’s relationship with Shuichi develop and how Tetsurou will cope with the arrival of who is essentially the super-newcomer.

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