Synduality: Noir Ep 23 & 24: Together With You

Episode 23 and 24 of Synduality delivered an explosive and emotional climax that really give the series the high it needs to cement itself as a good mecha series. The 2nd cour has been a very enjoyable ride with excellent characterization, great action and music as well. And we get a much better villain and over-arching storyline than season 1 – which was used to just flesh out basic world characteristics and concepts.

After Weisheit’s little stunt and kidnapping, it’s time for everyone to unite and bring the fight to him. Maria’s effort has been very commendable – from that defense in ep 22 to literally rebuilding another rocket in 24 hours? Now that’s a mechanic I can get behind! (No, not that way!)

I think it goes without saying that Macht and Tokio will follow Kanata into space, considering the 3 of them are the strongest Drifters in the series (that they can use) since Alba is still off doing his own thing. Macht is still awkward and stuff which is pretty cute. And after last episode, Schnee has become much more bold and more affectionate to him now.

Well, I thought Ellie would be able to do some “sniping” before the trip but I guess the childhood’s friend card would never be played in this kind of series. Well it was still played for laughs and we got a few good ones out of it. Furthermore, they reaffirmed Kanata’s love for space which will play a big part in the episode.

We finally see Histoire in all its glory and learn about its purpose and capabilities. It’s also kinda funky that a satellite with that kind of power exist in a world like this. You’d think it’s a space city with super-developed technology – almost like another civilization on its own. And of course, it’s equipped with a super mega ultra deluxe advance AI that can do almost anything and possess extremely impressive processing power. This kinda plot device is a bit lazy, but I guess we all saw it coming. Weisheit’s ideal is still selfish and arrogant as ever, but the fact that Histoire can make his “purpose” come true with just a snap of his finger.

Kanata’s and co trip to space was pretty beautiful. Everyone and their Magus got to share some personal moment with each other. And of course the carefree dude can’t have romance to save his life. Kanata and Noir with Macht and Schnee are pretty wholesome. And the atmospheric shot of the horizon from space is very well done. Not the first mecha to do it, but clearly one of the most beautiful. We even got a comedic moment when they land in Histoire.

And then it’s time for the confrontation. Weisheit is by far the most powerful Coffin pilot in the series – he manually pilots the Noah Gamechanger (pretty pretentious name but hey) against three other incredible Drifters and he absolutely pawned on them. Granted he had Histoire’s help but it didn’t help him much in combat. Even DaisyOrge’s new gun couldn’t put scratch on him. And the Licht x Macht combo couldn’t even do anything either. The fight scenes are very well done, which has always been that way since season 1 – but this time they are more drawn out and the choreography is much more sophisticated. But alas, the trio couldn’t stop Weisheit to carry out his plan of shutting down all Magus in existence.

But Weisheit didn’t account for an irregular – the only one that could stop his plan. Noir – an unusual existence. Noir was originally an offshoot from the AI on Histoire – hitting Mystere by accident and create another conscious inside her. Next, Noir’s ‘data’ was transferred into Ciel’s body. So originally, Noir never had a body of her own – she isn’t a ‘Magus’ by definition. And that also explains why Noir couldn’t pull off “Magus Skill” easily. That means she’s just…Noir. Neither Magus nor human, Noir is a special existence that narrowly escape Weisheit’s death wave.

The affirmation from Kanata to Noir is really cheesy and awesome. Kanata has grown quite a lot compared to the start of the series. He’s much more decisive and confident. He believes in himself, his skills and his partner. We didn’t see any doubt in him the whole time – and he even had time to admire the beautiful space view before the biggest fight of his life is pretty impressive. In season 1, Kanata was portrayed as a happy-go lucky teenager who didn’t really understand the hardship of the world and got pushed around, but now he has found a place in the world, standing tall among his peers and he got the skills to back it up. He’s still sorta over-positive all the time but hey, it’s his defining traits. And his worldview kinda change a bit after Ciel anyway, so it’s not too bad.

I really like Mystere’s change in the finale. Her calling Kanata and Noir by their names show that she has recognized them as very capable Drifters and Magus that can change the world for the better, and are worthy to entrust Pascale’s dream to. Her decision to stay back and keep an eye on Histoire is by no mean a desperation move – it’s just a temporary separation – because I’m sure she trust Kanata to find a way, just like how they found a way to reach her after Weisheit kidnapped her. I wish we got more heartwarming interaction between the three of them, but it’s satisfying enough.

The production quality of this episode is pretty nice. Mecha design aesthetic aside, the combat in the final battle is pretty good. There’s no hick-up and the choreography is great. Although I would really want to see more of Johngasmaker and Gilbow, it is understandable that they have to give Daisyorge the most screentime. The rainbow infinity thingy is pretty out of nowhere but hey, if it’s cool it’s cool lol. And the double Magus skill is badass – but I wished they unleash more skills than just the one. But with pretty limited screen time, they did what they could.

The epilogue is also quite nice as well, with everyone getting their happy ending – even Range and that Magus chick. Schnee and Macht after Ideal basically became the hilarious couple that Zechs and Noir could have been. Kinda weird that they have Tokio not ending up with anybody considering how frivolous he has been – it’s like his personality did a 180 since season 2 started. Elly is probably the one who changed the most. Her glow-up is incredible and she is a lot more mature than pre-timeskip. Not sure if she’ll get Kanata but I’m actually rooting a bit for her. All in all, the series ended very satisfyingly and all loose-ends have been tied up. The Alba-related things have very little impact to the main plot and his appearance didnt distract us from Kanata at all, so it’s a very good way to do it. With this conclusion, I think the game will receive much more attention than before.
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