Bullbuster Ep 11 Review: Fight Fire With Fire

Nothing in life is easy, especially when going up against a big corporation, so Namidome is in a fight that is totally out of their league. But allies of Justice are everywhere, and a helping hand will always be extended to you if you have a good intention. This episode finally set the stage for the final showdown between Shiota and Namidome. And we can see that Shiota is not going to go down easy.

Even with the live stream being broadcast, Namidome still hasn’t clinched the victory. Information control is Just child’s play for Shiota, And they fully utilize it to squash Namidome’s live stream. We knew about how big corporations use fake accounts to control public information in the direction they like, And the giant beast’s existence was plain on CGI. With the advance of today’s technology, it is not unthinkable. However the The wind blew both ways, There are also genuine users who believe in them. Convincing 100 per cent of the public opinion is impossible, But you just need to convince the people who are willing to make a difference, and that’s what they get.

The unexpected help From the pharmacy company surprised them. However, it is not charity. The board director demands that they cooperate with their business as well. However, we can clearly see this guy is honest and truthful, and most of all, he doesn’t like how big corporations do things. Another thing is his actual purpose of cooperating with Namidome, It’s not something grand like making a billion dollars or changing the world, but simply for the purpose of curing his baldness, which happens a lot in the real world as well, people will fight for very mundane purposes, something very realistic and close to them.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, the president of Shiota is going on the offensive. He is pouring resources and connections to lockout the island and prevent Namidome From completing their objectives. What’s even crazier is the theory that they are trying to propagate the giant beast, which is actually very evil if you think about it. The fact that they might be cooperating with the military is also alarming. That means if Namidome went to the military in the first place, they would be shut down even harder.

Thankfully, one of the key points in their plan Didn’t go as expected. Namari actually pulled the hero card and basically flipped the situation on them. All of the data is regarding the giant base, and the plans have been provided to the island residents as well as Namidome. Now they have the help of the people as well as the financial funding from the pharmaceutical company, Namidome can fight back on a more even playing field. well, there is no action in this episode yet, so the next one might be the decisive one.

Bob Buster has been wildly different from Daiguard. Instead of solving different cases in almost monsters of the weak format, they focus on one major incident. And explore in depth all the collaborative processes and all of the new ones behind the scenes. In exchange, we didn’t have a lot of action, and the intensity of the story was a little bit dull at times. However, the character drama and development have been very good, especially for Tetsurou and Arumi. Memory still hasn’t redeemed himself yet but he has certainly opened up more with Namidome, his demeanor is still questionable. With the way things are going, we can expect a small battle in the next episode to resolve the plant issue, and then we’ll get the closure with the island residents returning to the island. If there is no other crazy development, the bowl buster will end the season relatively mediocre. People will forget about the series after two to three weeks, and the impact it made will fade in time. It could have been something more, but unless they took some major risk, it would not go any further.

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