Ultraman Blazar ep 19: The Song Of Fire And Lightning

It seems that this episode has confirmed the main plotline of Blazar – and that there also may be a connection between Blazar’s appearance to what the GGF was experimenting. Emi has solidified her position as the main heroine of the series with her being the only prominent SKaRD member in recent episodes. As the flames of conflict intensified, Blazar also ignited a new blaze in the form of Firdran – the Fire Dragon.

The way they link Gebalga and Irugo is pretty smart, and it links up to previous events, which creates a uniform narrative. This is also a Kaiju where we feel the stakes are rising and is a serious threat to Earth. Blazar’s Kaiju seems to be only 2 types: either harmless and can be released into the wild or apocalyptic Earth-ending disaster. And Gebalga is the latter. And since the Irugo is Gebalga’s larvae, it means that this is still the 2nd Wave instead of the 3rd Wave. It’s prob also deliberate to save the 3rd Wave for something even bigger.

The Brood Gebalga is another Kaiju that easily overpowers Blazar – aside from the Nijikagachi. Due to Blazar’s directive of not spamming merchandise, he doesn’t receive regular upgrades or form changes. So, there must be a point in the story where he has to be defeated badly to trigger his power-ups. And Brood Gebalga is a worthy foe. The design is quite nice, and it’s not just a single Kaiju – but rather a network of poisonous and emp-emitting Kaijus. I find it funny that A-kun was written out of the battle right after the entire SKaRD team was threatened with disbandment and criticized for their reliance on Blazar. I mean, this is Blazar’s upgrade episode, so it’s understandable, but it’s still ironic how things turned out that way.

We now come to Emi’s storyline where she infiltrated the old experiment site. Now, this is pretty much a plot device since the things that happen here are quite…convenient. Due to the GGF researching wormholes that can cross space-time, Emi’s father could “manifest” at the site and guide Firdran to Blazar with Emi’s help. The moment of reunion between father and daughter is quite emotional. And Emi’s expression has gotten better during these recent episodes. When she was sitting at the cafe with Gento, her innocent smile when she was talking about her father’s memento was very cute and heart-warming.

Now to the “wormholes”, since it allows Firdran to come through and it looks like it came from the same place Blazar was, it can be deduced that Blazar also came through that wormhole from a distant galaxy – or even another dimension (since inter-dimensional has been common in Ultraman). This can also explain the GGF’s Wave stuff. However, the experiment’s original purpose was much more noble – to converse with others – headed by Emi’s father. But former Director Dobashi might have got a glimpse at how they can weaponize the experiment and look to use it to exterminate Kaiju or some sort.

The plot thickens when the chief Retsu finds Gento talking to Emi. It’s obvious that he doesn’t directly bear any ill will towards any SKaRD members. He is just trying to look both ways and ensure they don’t come into the crossfire. But ex-Director Dobashi has caught up to Emi and Gento anyway, and he also took her father’s diary. It seems that a human vs human conflict is impending, and that is also something very refreshing to see in recent Ultras.

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