Mobile Suit Gundam The Witch from Mercury Episode 24: End of the Mercurian Witch

We’ve all seen episode 24 at this point…and let me tell you, episode 23 felt more like a climax than this. And episode 24 is basically an epilogue to tie up the loose ends (whatever they can tie up anyway) to provide the viewers a happy ending.

The amount of space magic pulled in this episode may even exceed Unicorn’s climax – minus the space-time trip with Banagher and Full Frontal. However, it very much play to the theme of the series: full of witchcraft logic and the only thing they are focused on explaining is the story between the characters.

After tanking the colony laser – contrary to everyone’s expectation – Eri didn’t perish. We did raised that question in the last review where the main body of Aerial is still “intact”. So that minimal chance that Eri is still “alive” was proven true. Suletta rescued her and brought her back to Quiet Zero – where she once again expressed her intention to Prospera.

Well, at this point Prospera revealed her earnest intention. And we learned that she is solely doing this for Eri, and she hasn’t once mentioned her vengeance. She hasn’t expressed the intention to kill Delling or even Kenanji even when he’s right in front of her. I thought she would order the big buy to kill him on sight because Kenanji was effectively Nadim’s killer and many of her comrades at Vanadis as well. At this stage, sh her motivation has become that of Tempest’s Prospero at the end of the story – no more vengeance and just want her daughter to live in peace.

And of course, Suletta acknowledged this. But she also understand that Prospera’s method is wrong and too one-sided. But at the time, it was her only option. Now that Suletta has finally come face to face with her mother and confronted her, she has found the resolve – or rather, she has always intended – to perform a little magic trick.

And this is where it went full Newtype magic on us. El4n appeared from beyond the grave inside the Data Storm and helped Suletta resurrect Eri. The amount of space Permet magic is off the charts and noone can explain “logically” what comes next and just attributed it to “Permet magic”. Truly Permet is the most “magical” element in all of Gundam, even crazier than GN Particles or Ahab. We see various other Gundam pilots that lost their lives appearing as Force Ghost as well – Norea, Sophie, the blond girl from Vanadis – and of course, Nadim. Nadim surprised Prospera the most, but it made sense that only he can convince Prospera. She didn’t listen to Suletta fully, as well as Eri. So the only person left is Nadim. It’s contrived and is definitely a Chekhov’s Gun but we need someone to push Prospera to abandon the last vestige of her plan.

Then we proceed to the Unicorn event. Although this time it’s not the White Unicorn and the Black Banshee, but the full Council of the Witches – Calibarn, Aerial, Schwarzette and they even brought Pharact along with them. The four of them went full RGB with PERMET score higher than humanly possible and Overrode the Colony laser which was unnecessary at that point but space gov being pricks as always. But yes, all we got is rainbow magic handwave and no “actual” conflict or battles. Not a single beam was fired in this episode, everything was resolved through compassion, talk-no-jutsu and space magic. We mention magic a lot because, well, the show is literally called “The Witch from Mercury”. However, Gundam fans are very unsatisfied with the way they resolved the “final threat” of the series. The ILTS still exist at the end, the SLA didn’t suffer much and will most likely exist as it were. All we got was peace for the people in question – the main cast.

The literal dissolution of Quiet Zero and the Gundams thereafter were truly…well, the highest form of BS. The Permet particles literally dissolved into nothing – and a giant fortress housing hundreds of Gundnodes just vanish into thin air. It’s also comparable to the Axis Shock event of CCA. Except Suletta didn’t end up like Amuro this time.

The rest of the episode is focused on after everything is resolved. Showing us how everyone is doing quite a while after the Quiet Zero incident.
Well firstly, the former “Dueling Committee”. Guel got the short-end of the stick where he has to takeover the company in earnest – having to manage such a large corporation while he didn’t even finish school (and he was even majoring in Piloting and not Management). And that make him easy target for El0n Ceres and Secelia to tease. The true Elan has left Peil and started his own business with Secelia seemingly helping him. Well, given the cunning nature of a “crouching tiger hidden dragon” like him, he will surely do well. Guel’s development has concluded and while it’s not a very “badass” ending – it is also a “manly” ending. He has grown so much from the series’ Gundam sandbag jock to a very responsible man with honor.

Shaddiq is being given as many “compassion” card as possible where he’s shown to have absorbed all responsibility on himself – even Quiet Zero. And the plan to distribute Benerit’s asset to the Earth companies was also completed through Miorine, so in effect, his plan was completed and he accomplished his objectives. And he took the blame for everything else too to give Prospera and everyone involved a “get out of jail” free card. I’m not sure if this is Okouchi’s way to redeem Shaddiq somewhat, but those Michaelis sales ain’t going up no matter what.

Another person in concern is El5n – the fifth Enhanced Human. Well he certainly has the best ending out of all the dudes mentioned. He’s free, vindicated and no strings attached – except his face is probably on business magazines if og Elan make it big. Anyway, he chose the Allelujah and Marie route to travel the Earth to find the places Norea has drawn. A pretty poetic gesture not gonna lie, and we hope he can be happy.

Petra and Lauda seems to be heading towards a happy end for themselves – which is great for them.
Nika – wow – I surely didn’t recognize her. She’s probably the most redeemable person in the story. But the shota haircut surely caught me by surprise. She paid her due, and returned to school – definitely a more grounded situation.
Chuchu is, well, still Chuchu. Her mouth is still foul but you can tell her “hate” towards Spacian has somewhat dampened.
Shaddiq’s girls – with nowhere to go – has been following Miorine as her assistants to improve relations with Earth. I wish there were more development for them but I guess they are like the side-side characters so not much focus on them is understandable. It’s also easy to see that Shaddiq shoulder all of the responsibility so they got off scott-free.

Eri “somehow” got transferred into the couple keychain that Miorine gifted Suletta. Don’t ask me how that happened, it just did. And I guess she can now “live” like before (just not in a giant Gundam).
Elnora/Prospera abandoned all her plans and just literally retired into a wheelchair. Her getting away with everything she’s done is kinda icky for me. While it’s true that horrible tragedies has befallen her and she has every right to get revenge, she also got a lot of people caught up in the process. She directly caused the losses of lives that had nothing to do with her plan so seeing her receiving little to no punishment doesn’t really feel right.

Miorine is basically trying her best to “wash her hands” off the incident on Earth and aiming to ease the Earthian’s relation with Spacians as well as reassuring the people about GUND tech. To be honest, I’m not sure she’s doing a very good job of it but she’s doing her best in earnest and we can only support her.
Suletta got the most magical of ending. After getting paralyzed by overloading on Permet score, she has gradually regained control of her limbs. She seems to have opened a school on Earth (with Belmeria and Elnora). She’s not in school anymore but she’s living life alongside the people she love most – her bride, her mother and her sister/keychain. This is basically the exact ending of the Tempest where all vengeance is dispelled and everyone live happily ever after.

As such, those that were into G-Witch because of the lesbian/bisexual relationship were satisfied, and those that cared about everything else were left with the biggest dissatisfaction they have ever tasted after IBO. They don’t need the finale to be bloody or to have extravaganza mecha battles, they want a satisfying ending regardless if it’s a happy one or not, G-Witch, sadly could not deliver that.

So take a grain of salt if you watch G-Witch for something else other than the relationship between those two girls, you will be disappointed. Nonetheless, it was a fun ride, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury.


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