Shinkalion Change the World Ep.3 Review: Behind the smile

Taisei officially joined Erda on the first day of introducing senior members, and He probably still needs a long process to be more confident when talking to others. If I were a 14-year-old kid, I would be just as worried and nervous as Taisei. Besides that, we also know more about Kuzuryu’s past, and he is Mai’s childhood friend. Perhaps we have seen the first young couple of the series (And they’re still kids, of course).

Although Taisei is still a shy boy when speaking to strangers, I must admit that he still has certain strengths, which are knowledge and information related to railways. He can survive and communicate with people as long as the topic is related to the railway.
As for Kuzuryu, we see many scenes focusing on his facial expressions in this episode. He feels uncomfortable, helpless, and jealous of others, but at the same time, he is good at reconciling and hiding his true feelings. Although Kuzuryu is trying to act like an adult who prioritizes the common good and hides his emotions, he is still just a 14-year-old kid, and it would be fine if he expressed his emotions more. Mai also seemed to be able to see Kuzuryu’s problem, but she didn’t know how to help him. I hope that in future episodes, we can see more interactions between them, as Mai will be Kuzuryu’s support.

The animation of this episode still maintains its quality, but the episode’s highlight must be the Erda transport aircraft. With the Shinkalion’s design as an aerial weapon transport vehicle, it will certainly play a key role in transporting weapons to battlefields across Japan. And with a size large enough to hold a trailer and a railgun to launch vehicles, I think it can hold at least 3 different types simultaneously to deliver to E5, E6, and E7.

Overall, This episode’s Unknown remains unresolved and has escaped. The next episode is the debut episode of E7. Kagayaki, with his two drills on both sides, Kuzuryu will be able to drill through his mask and his invisible wall with Taisei.

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