Upcoming Mecha series for Summer and Fall 2023

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We’ve hit the halfway point of the year and two seasons have already passed us by. This year has been quite uneventful aside from the critically popular Gundam: Witch from Mercury. But all that is about to change with the year seemingly lighting up with some fun upcoming series and OVAs that might reignite the flames of mecha fans.

First, the animes. Summer 2023 is a very…peculiar season. We got an upcoming OVA from Sunrise – Kyoukai no Senki: Kyokkou so Souki. It is from the Kyoukai Senki frnachise which wasn’t really well-received before with the anime, but now with Obari back at the helm as director, the series might go in a completely different direction than the first one. This is only an OVA that will most likely premiere on Youtube. The series has only 6 episodes so it will be considerably shorter than the series, but the synopsis and PV make it looks more like a serious war story with adult protagonist.

Sunrise also has an original multi-media franchise going called Synduality: Noir. The franchise currently has a game and an anime series in the works. The anime will air on July 11 with 24 episodes! From the looks of it, it’s a mix between Sakugan, Sakura Taisen and L-Gaim. Let’s see if this will turn out to be an interesting series.

Then we have the return of, out of nowhere, Nier: Automata ver 1.1a. After so many weeks hiatus, A-1 Studio finally make their comeback for the series. Due to scheduling issue, the new episode won’t return until July 23rd with the last 4 episodes. In the mean time, the previous episodes will be broadcast so that the viewers can catch up on what was happening. The production quality of Nier was top-notch but the delivery of the series has been met with some critical issue. This was a very unfortunate event that happened to an otherwise great anime.

Finally, we have something that we’ve never seen before: an Indie crowdfunded anime! After G-Witch, we will get yet another yuri mecha anime in the name of Volicia of Pluto: Vapor Trail Another Age. Vapor Trail was a series of short animation made by an animation student named Ash. After a well reception, Ash decided to crowdfunded a more proper series. The delivery of the episodes will most likely through Youtube. He has cited Soukyuu no Fafner, Muv-Luv and Yukikaze as his inspiration for the series.

Then we come to Fall 2023 – with Netflix and Sunrise once again coming in clutch. Earlier in the year, Netflix had Ultraman FINALE and Sunrise had G-Witch, and now they are bringing new guns to the table. Sunrise commemorate their Build franchise with a 3-ep ONA called Gundam Build Metaverse – which will feature previous characters and MS builds from previous series as well. And, as you guessed it, the ONA will be directed by none other Masami Obari – the go-to director for fun, action-packed mecha series. He had worked on many Build series before so it’s only logical that he is brought in for this.
On Netflix’s side is a very, very important series. Pluto – adapted from the manga with the same name by the prolific Naoki Urusawa based on an arc ot Tetsuwan Atom. Both are classics that will receive a modern adaptation by Netflix – which we all know is a hit-and-miss. We hope that the series will be faithful to the manga. Realistically, there will need to be changes due to the length of the series, but hopefully the main message that Naoki embedded in the manga will be replicated in the anime. From the visuals, the anime will look absolutely stunning.

And for the gamers, we’re finally getting Armored Core VI this August! Fires of Rubicon is slated for release on 25 August and is scheduled for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. From the PV and dev comments, the game will include many classic AC gimmicks and mechanism but will also be more newbie-friendly should new players struggle with the game. The decision to replace the debt system has hardcore AC fans in concern though.
And then a curve ball from Level-5! Their japanese-only Megaton Musashi will be getting an International release in 2023 under a new title named Megaton Musashi: WIRED. The game will be available for PC through Steam, PS4/PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Despite the anime and the original game sales doing not so well, Level-5 still want to bring this amazing game to international audiences. In addition, many crossover collabs will be featured as well, notably Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Grendizer and the Super Electric brothers – Voltes V and Combatler V.

We still have A LOT of confirmed mecha series to come, but they haven’t announced their release dates or is scheduled for 2024, so we haven’t included them yet. But stay tuned as we will definitely get more amazing mecha content in the future!
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