Mecha Profile: Megaton-Class Rogue Maximus – Megaton-kyuu Musashi

Now that we have the all-rounder Musashi and the agile Arthur, the next one to complete the trifecta is a bulky boy with some heavy firepower! And by heavy I meant ridiculously stacked with more artillery than you can imagine. The third Megaton-class Rogue from Ixia is the twin-seater Maximus – a red hot Rogue that will turn any Dracters into cinder.

I. History:
– After alien warships and robots arrive on Earth and invaded the Earth without warning, humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction. However, they managed to survive in shelters spread around the world – with only 0.1% of the population left. The top scientists of Earth together developed the Rogue – spearheaded by Doctor Ryusei Haruma. The Rogues are giant robots built for combat. The most common type is Diver-class, whereas the special class are the Megaton class.

– After the development of the Musashi and Arthur, the engineering division of Ixia continued to be hard at work to build a new Megaton-class Rogue. Chief Mechanic Fujisaki Duke came up with a new drive system for the new unit which required two pilots. Two teenager girls: Jun Kirishima and Momoka Saotome were chosen. Jun is a female delinquent that loves to live freely and Momoka is a disciplined martial artist. These two personalities cause a huge clash between the two while not on duty. However, when in the cockpit of Maximus, they sync up perfectly.

– During the Ixia’s take off, the Maximus was damaged heavily, and Jun ejected Momoka from Maximus to save her life, while she stayed back to continue fighting. She was later critically injured but was saved by Reiji’s healing ability. The damaged Maximus was then repaired and upgraded into the Maximus Blaze. The 2 girls continued to pilot it until the end of the series.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Megaton-class are much bigger than the normal Rogue – standing at 60 meters usually, but the Maximus is slightly taller than that. The Maximus motif is that of a gladiator/wrestler that fight in a colosseum. It has a red and bronze color-scheme with gold plates. It is quite bulky and carries two Drive Engine with large thrusters on its back. Despite its bulky appearance, the Maximus is actually a mobile charger.

– The Maximus standard armaments is a Gladiator Sword. It is a broadsword that is very heavy and capable of pulverizing Dracters with a single swing. But its true strength lies in its anti-army attack: Multi-Target Missile. To perform this attack, Ixia must send 4 missile pods to the Maximus to equip on its shoulders and arms. The pods will open up to reveal an array of missiles and the Maximus can launch them at the enemy. The amount of missiles that can be fired seems to have no limit and can clear the field of hundreds of Dracter in a single barrage.

– The Maximus’ unique gimmick is its individually controlled Twin Drive Engines. By allowing Jun and Momoka to control them separately, they can time the engine boosts right after the other to achieve maximum boost efficiency. This allow the Maximus to perform the Over Drive Run, where it charge through the battlefield with incredible mobility and obliterate anything in its path. It also allow the Maximus to weave through the battlefield and change direction instantaneously using powerful thrusters on its back and shoulders.

– The Maximus special attack is the Colosseum Dohatsuten Rush – where it simulate a Colosseum by emitting a Bind Wave to render all enemies in an area immobile, then summon Paralyzing Posts to form an electric ring/colosseum around it. The Maximus can then perform a Gravity Fuse Burst which knocks all enemy into the electric wires – further paralyzing them. It will then spin on its feet with the Gladiator Sword to suck the enemy in and destroy them with the Sword.

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