Kit Review: Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Zero (SC Ver.) -Action-

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This was the first ULTRAMAN SUIT developed for Moroboshi, It was tough to control due to being a prototype suit, and it was forgotten after further developments were terminated, but it rebooted for an unknown reason. The (SC Ver.) was created by applying a special coating to the variable wavelength transmission/ absorption function originally built into the ZERO SUIT to enter the spacetime interface. It has a red-base colour scheme adopted at Satsuma’s request, matching the SEVEN SUIT.
This Figure-rise Standard SC Ver. is simply a recoloured version of the original Zero Suit released 3 years ago and has an added cannon called Wide Zero Shot.

– Info: 
Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Zero (SC Ver.) -Action-
Price: 4070 yen 
Release date: Oct 28, 2023

– Design: Zero Suit was designed by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi based on Ultraman Seven’s son – Ultraman Zero. In this FRS SC Ver., Zero Suit has a red and yellow colour scheme similar to Ultraman Zero’s Strong Corona form. In addition to the blue parts and the 2 sluggers on the head being changed to yellow, the red parts have also been changed to a brighter red than the original version. Because it is Moroboshi’s prototype suit, its outer armour parts are relatively similar to the 7 suits.

– Build quality: The plastic quality of the Figure-rise Standard Ultraman line is quite good, and the nubs are easy to handle. This kit has many special undergate parts with parts in easily exposed positions. The kit also comes with 2 decal sheets, one to complete the colour patches and one for the details on the armour. However, even if you don’t need to use them, this kit is still very good.

A special point in this -Action- version is that when building the body, we will have 2 options: use fixed chest and belly parts to attach LED parts (sold separately) or use joint parts to help a foldable body.

– Articulation: Because this is the -Action- version, its joints are much improved, especially the belly, compared to the first Ultraman suit kits. Even though there is an armour part on the back of the head, the head can move freely without getting entangled thanks to 2 joints in the neck (one connecting the head to the neck and one connecting the neck to the body). The shoulder armour also has an internal joint that helps the arm move up and down comfortably without getting entangled. Not only that, the joint between the body and the arms can be pushed forward to help increase arm amplitude and support poses that require reaching forward, like holding a cannon.

The abdominal joint uses an -Action- joint to help it bend deeply, helping the poses not be as stiff as when attaching an LED part. The hip joint uses a double joint and the two parts of the foot are designed to be able to fold deeply inward, allowing the legs to best do Zero’s trademark poses.

– Accessories & Gimmicks: Compared to the original FRS Zero Suit, there is not much difference:
+ X1 Zero Lance: It is also changed to bright red and yellow tones similar to the body suit
+ X1 Wide Zero Shot: This is a weapon only available in this form. It has a design quite similar to the 7 Suit’s Wide Shot, with red armour around it, making it look larger. It has an auxiliary handle that allows the Zero suit to hold it with both hands when firing. 

In addition, unlike the original FRS Zero Suit, the action base that comes with this kit is an Action Base 6 instead of the one commonly used for previous Figure-re Standard Ultraman models.

–> Overall: Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Zero is one of the best quality model kits in the line. Even though this SC Ver is just a recoloured version of the original Zero Suit, with a super cool big Wide Zero Shot, this is still a kit worth adding to your collection if you are a fan of Ultraman Zero or Ultraman Suit designs by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi. Hopefully, Bandai will make Liberated Maya Ver. and Spacious-stability Hyperdrive Ver. after 2000 years ( ゚д゚)つ 

“You’re 20,000 years too early!”