Kit review: HG IBO – Gundam Gremory

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Gundam IBO, despite its controversial opinions, is still a top-rated series with much potential to explore in the future, namely the 72 Gundam Frames, named after the demons in Ars Goetia. With the anime introducing us to only a few of them, it is the spin-offs’ job to give us the rest (since Bandai won’t be making a Calamity War OVA soon). From the manga, IBO Gekko comes the Gundam Gremory. The amorous Deira Nadira piloted the unit, which is fitting since Gremory is often associated with love.

– Info: 
HG 1/144 Gundam Gremory
Series: Gundam Iron Blooded-Orphans Gekko
Price: 1,800 yen
Release date: Oct 14, 2021

– Design: The Gremory is a pretty standard design, considering the Gundams we’ve seen from IBO have been ridiculous recently. The Gremory is more in line with the less extravagant designs like the Barbatos, Bael and Kimaris. The upper half is covered in thick armour (except the waist because, of course, it’s IBO). The colour scheme is also quite attractive, with dark blue and grey for most of the suit and pink highlight details. The Gremory actually looks like a demon overall. True to other IBO Gundams, the Gremory comes with a unique melee weapon – the Battle Anchor – which is a very cool accessory. It is even more astonishing when you notice that one-half of the anchor is actually broken, and Bandai moulded the broken end very realistically.

– Build quality: On the one hand, it’s Bandai. On the other hand, it’s IBO. The snap-fit is smooth as always, but the build is a bit finicky at times, especially the “Gundam Frame”. The waist and the hips of the IBO MS are always the most difficult parts, and the Gremory backpack is also a bit tight. For an IBO HG, this kit is more challenging (or, rather, annoying) than the others, but the end result is worth it. And you can skip out on this kit’s big stickers and use only the small ones. 

– Articulation: Well, this is where the kit kinda flop. For such an intimidating appearance and a badass weapon, the Gremory couldn’t pose much. Due to the large shoulder armour and the big back wing, the arms’ articulation is quite limited. If you want to create a badass pose with the Anchor, you’ll have a hard time finding an excellent swinging pose where the Anchor is behind the Gundam. Whereas poses, where the Anchor is in front, are much easier to create. For what it’s worth, the balance on this kit is very nice, and you’ll have no trouble getting it to stand without falling over. The wings on the back can only be swivel back and forth, which is a really wasted opportunity. 

– Gimmicks: This is what makes the Gremory the Gremory (well, kinda). The backpack can be flipped forward to become some sort of battle cowl, which looks pretty cool. It may be tricky to get it to the right position, but the hooded head looks absolutely demonic. 

The forearm armour can also be flipped forward for a more close combat aesthetic, but it will get in the way of holding the weapons. 

– Accessories:
1 x Battle Anchor
2 x Pairs of hands

The accessories are a little, but the Battle Anchor is one of the coolest Gundam weapons out there. But personally, I’d like something more – a ranged weapon of some sort. 

–> Overall: The Gremory is quite affordable but definitely not the best bang for the buck. However, its demonic appearance makes it a very nice display piece. If anything, you get a badass Battle Anchor that you can put on anything and make it look 2x cooler. This Gundam would look really good fighting the Astaroth.