Ultraman Blazar ep 11: Conflicting Souls

Blazar is beginning to go deeper into Blazar and his host’s relationship. As depicted in the last episode, Gento can affect Blazar’s action and vice versa. It wouldn’t be an issue if they agree on how to do things, but unfortunately, they do not. Pressure piles on Gento as he need to figure out him and Blazar, as the GGF is beginning to become more and more drastic.

They really want to test Gento’s co-operation with Blazar in this episode, huh? It’s interesting to see how they want to create an internal conflict between an Ultra and their host. This is shown in their fight between Gebaruga where Blazar hold himself back again, or Gento in this case. After they failed to defeat Gebaruga with the Spiral Burrade, Blazar repeatedly holding Gento back who wants to exterminate the Kaiju as quickly as possible. Not only that, Blazar also repeatedly try to get Gento out of danger every time the Kaiju starts attacking, and that’s even before he transformed into Blazar. The first time Gebaruga blasting its large EMP waves, Blazar possessed Gento for a moment to order Anri to retreat as quick as possible.

This is clear that they do not share the same ideas when fighting, at least in this episode, which is pointed out by Emi. Gento wants to finish the Kaiju as soon as possible, while Blazar wants to beat the Kaiju with a better plan. Each of these ideals have their own disadvantages. Gento believes that he has to take down the Kaiju as fast as possible to prevent more damages, but it’s impossible with Blazar’s power at that time and could cost him his life if he failed. Which is why Blazar advised Gento to hold back and retreat to think of a better plan to take it down, but it will leave the Kaiju to let loose and cause more damage. So, in a way their ideas contradict with each other.

The question is, why is Blazar starting to act this way? Is it because of his observation towards humans? Blazar did observe Gento’s son as well as Demaaga’s family, and from there he saw how much of a loving father Gento is and how his family also care about him to the point where they worried because Gento suddenly ran off from them. Is this the reason why? Does Blazar want to keep Gento because his family is waiting for him at home? If so, then he really is starting to develop an empathy towards humans.

Clash of ideas isn’t the only problem that Gento and Blazar have to face. Because of what Blazar did last episode, Teruaki starts doubting his position as an ally. This is due to him interfering with the mission by preventing the missiles to hit Demaaga. Luckily, Emi helped cleared Teruaki’s doubt towards Blazar by stating that he actually helped stopping the Kaiju from causing damage. Teruaki still asks Gento as SKaRD’s captain (and Blazar’s host) about what to do with Blazar if he ever shows up. This question along with Teruaki’s initial doubt put a toll in his mind and I assume he also started to have his own doubt towards the Ultra. This is shown where after the Earth Garron got wrecked, he’s planning to solely rely on himself to save Anri and himself then reactivate the Earth Garron to fight Gebaruga alone before the Blazar Brace shows up, stating that “this is his only option” while also recalling the moment Blazar interfered. When Ultraman fled from the EMP blast, Teruaki is shocked by what he just witnessed.

Another thing that I want to point out in this episode is the GGF Japan’s Commander, Minoru Genkawa. Man, you’d thought Chief of Staff Retsu Haruno is ruthless when giving out commands, the Commander is even more demanding. First off, when Gento ordered Anri to retreat, he questioned his decision. Like… The Kaiju is clearly about to unleash an AoE attack, what do you think is the best course of action? Just stand there and take it? Okay, maybe when you work on a Kaiju extermination department you are expected to dedicate yourself to take down the Kaiju without backing down, I understand that. However, there’s got to be a point where you have to prioritize the safety of your own men, wherein the success of the operation lies. This is why Gento is such an endearing captain, he actually cares about his squad members. One more thing, when the Gebaruga extermination operation failed, he demanded another operation plan to Chief Haruno. With that kind of Commander, now I can understand where Chief Haruno got his traits from. The stress he got from Commander Genkawa’s demands went down to SKaRD.

After Ultraman’s first (technically second) retreat, Skard and the GGF is no doubt in a pickle. Earth Garron is no match for the Kaiju and even Blazar couldn’t defeat it. However, we know that Blazar will get an upgrade in the next episode. Even so, the first priority for Gento is to sort out his relation with Blazar. Surely the two will come to an understanding to rise above their conflict and become stronger than ever. Only when both halves are in sync can Blazar achieve victory. It’s very interesting to see some opposition in the Ultra and the host relationship, more so for a host that is undoubtedly much more mature than many other hosts.

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