Mecha Profile: Solar Aquarion – Sousei no Aquarion

Love is always in the air – especially our love for the Genesis of Aquarion and its main star of the show itself, the Solar Aquarion! Not only this badass mecha is cool all by itself in its main form alone but it also comes with two more changeable forms reminding us of one of those form-changing classics like Getter-Robo. The Solar Aquarion is also a very powerful ancient mech that shine best with the power of “love” by its pilots.  

I. History:
 – Almost twelve thousands of years have passed. Earth’s magnetic fields have shifted and killed many people which humans recognized as the Great Catastrophe, at present this event also awakened the evil Shadow Angels – the ancient but highly advanced civilization that once enslaved humans and its city of Atlandia from its slumber once more resulting in a new war between the two races. Using Cherubim – a giant robotic foot soldiers, ordinary weapons from humans are ineffective against the Cherubim forces but with the leadership of Gen Fudou – the leader of Earth’s organization called DEAVA ( Division of EArth Vitalization Advancement ) humanity has found hope from excavating the three machines called Vectors which they believed are the same ancient weapons that were used to fight against the Shadow Angels. With their research, DEAVA found that only people with special abilities called Elements can pilot these Vectors. The three machines will unite as one giant robot under the power of the Elements – the Aquarion.  

– DEAVA later found Apollo in the woods, and incidentally he awakened with the Solar Wing, and was able to pilot the Sol Vector to form the Solar Aquarion. The ancient mechanical angel became the strongest weapon DEAVA has against the Shadow Angels. However, this also prompt Touma – leader of the Shadow Angels – into action so he can get his hands on the Solar Wings.

– As the Shadow Angels attack intensifies, Apollo and the Element pilots from DEAVA also grew in terms of character and power, and in turn the Aquarion also became more powerful, unlocking more effective and somewhat ridiculous attacks to deal with Cherubims with new abilities.

– At the end of the tv anime, to stop the Earth from breaking, Apollo, Sirius and Touma formed the Solar Aquarion together and performed the Mugen Gattai Ken to stich the Earth back together and save everything on it. The Solar Aquarion is buried underneath the earth as the consequence, and would not be unearth until 12,000 years later.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The Solar Aquarion is usually piloted by Apollo (although other Sol Vector pilot can pilot it too). The Vector Sol forms the head and chest piece with arms while Mars becomes legs and the lower parts of Solar’s body and finally Luna as the solar panel-shaped part on the back. It is one of the most balanced in every aspect such as speed, durability and strength, it specializes in melee combat and has both melee and ranged weapons.

– Its basic ranged weapons are the Beam Cannons which are located in its shoulders, it can shoot the beams rapidly, other vectors also have its own as well. 

– Another one of the main weapons is the Solar Sword – or Taiyouken in Japanese. It is a golden broadsword that would only be usable when the three pilots combined their powers together, though it has seen use often twelve thousand years ago as well. 

– The Solar Wings or the back part of Solar Aquarion can also charge up its powers by ten times to increase its capabilities which only Apollo can perform. When performing this technique, the Solar Aquarion glows with the intense light of the sun.

– One of the signature moves of Solar Aquarion is the Mugen Punch, when Solar’s fist punch isn’t long enough, it can stretch its arm until it reaches its target. The Mugen Punch can also increase its powers and have different variations in many Elements combined attacks from the trio pilots such as the Mugen Cross – where Apollo and Sirius – the second pilot of Vector Mars combined their Elements together or the Mugen Binta where it slaps the enemy. The Mugen Gattai Ken which is its ultimate final move where the strong wills to save the Earth from the three pilots made Solar Aquarion stretches its arm around the Earth to stitch up the cracks caused by the corrupted Tree of Life, burying itself underground to save the planet in the process.

– One of the special variation of the Mugen Punch is the Chikyuu Fukkatsu Ken and Chikyuu Sousei Punch, where the Mugen Punch was shattered into countless pieces, but then each fragments turned into a fist and launch themselves towards the Earth – blessing the barren, frozen land with life and warmth.

– Other signature moves are the Fire Punch and Fire Kick (while piloted by Piere), Koujigen Mugen Attack – where the Aquarion simultaneously perform the Solar, Luna and Mars signature moves in 3 different directions.

– Solar Aquarion can also transform into the so-called “Beast mode” where it transforms into a beast-like shape and ferociously attacks the target like a wild animal. However this ability is only revealed in its sequel – Aquarion EVOL, where Apollo and friends are already long gone and reincarnated as the new protagonists, the beast’s behavior came from Apollo’s (or Pollon) fighting style. 

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