Ultraman Blazar ep 10: Love Comes In All Sizes

This week is a bit special, since we get to see a family-themed episode to coincide with the reveal of Gento’s family. This episode also hits close to Gento’s home, since it featured a family of Kaiju, just like Gento who is also a family man.

First off, we got some development on Blazar’s characters in this episode. Here, he seems to be starting to grow a fascination towards humans, especially children. This is shown at the start of the episode when he’s possessing Gento and fixated his eyes on the child shown in the TV. This extends to Demaaga’s baby Kaiju when it was protected from Earth Garron’s attacks, to the point where Blazar quickly urged Gento to transform as soon as possible so that he can protect the baby Kaiju. From this, we can see that as primitive as Blazar is, he still has some degree of empathy. When he saw the child in the TV, he began to see them as precious beings that needs to be protected at all cost. This applies to children of any kind, even a Kaiju’s child.

On the flipside though, the GGF don’t care. Whatever you are, as long as you are a Kaiju, you will be restrained at best, or exterminated at worst. While GGF and SKaRD do most of the attacking, I’m giving the “credit” of the “attacking” to Chief Retsu, since he’s the one who ordered the attack. That scene where Chief Retsu ordered the GGF officer to restrain Demaaga’s baby with an electric web, it is a pain to watch the it struggles like that, especially after seeing Jun’s (Gento’s son) reaction. In addition, Chief Retsu ordered SKaRD to launch Earth Garron in order to attack Demaaga where the Kaiju baby is located.

It seems that the Chief desperately want to exterminate both Demaaga as soon as possible, considering how to this point it was Blazar who took all the glory of beating the Kaiju. My question is, why now? Why is it when the Kaiju bears a child that he starts to take direct command of the Kaiju attack? I would expect him to show up during the Nijikagachi attack when the Kaiju is an actual threat. Furthermore, he would gain massive credit from that knowing how dangerous that Kaiju was. Is knowing that Kaiju can reproduce gives him the urge to execute the extermination ASAP in order to prevent the reproduction of more Kaiju that could potentially threatened humanity, even though the Demaaga hasn’t done anything destructive yet? or maybe Blazar’s power-up have him worried that the GGF won’t be able to defeat any Kaiju soon if Blazar is so strong.

The state of GGF’s mercilessness towards the Demaaga even reflected on how Earth Garron is shown in this episode. The mech’s eyes went full blue with no pupil, which makes it looks like an emotionless machine. It also became more ruthless too, with how enthusiastic Yasunobu is when firing all of Earth Garron’s weapons to Demaaga. Teruaki himself seems hesitant when he’s about to order Yasunobu to fire all of the mech’s weapons. It’s as if he’s questioning himself whether or not he’s right for following Chief Retsu’s orders, since he’s initially refuted his commands and bringing out Gento’s orders.

There are two that doesn’t approve of Earth Garron’s attack on Demaaga’s baby, those two are Blazar and Jun. Blazar’s disagreement towards the attack is shown in scenes depicting red Blazar Stone. This red stone glows brighter and brighter until it eventually shines really bright to the point where he possesses Gento and make the Blazar Brace appears, signaling Gento that he needs to save the baby as soon as possible. As for Jun, he states that there’s something wrong with the attack on Demaaga, and wondering why it has to be attacked. Gento answers by stating that it could potentially destroy everyone. Jun understands this, but he questions Gento’s answer by stating that Demaaga just want to protect the baby. This of course makes Gento doubt his answers earlier. Gento’s answer kind of lines up with what his answer to his professor back in episode 7, that a Kaiju must be exterminated if it is a threat to human lives. In this case, Gento’s answer is him taking a precaution if the Kaiju eventually starts threatening human lives. And I guess that is a dilemma that every commanding officer has to face. Do they want to exterminate something that is actually harmless? and if they don’t, what if they risk a catastrophic aftermath? There is no sure way to tell.

Blazar’s disagreement extents to when he fights Demaaga, which shown when Blazar about to execute the Kaiju and then stopped by himself. From this, we can see that both Gento and Blazar share the same body and can take turn on who’s controlling the body, kind of like Kamen Rider W in the sense. Gento primarily use the right part of the body and signified by the blue vein glowing, while Blazar use the left part and has the red vein glowing, like the red Blazar Stone. It’s interesting to see how they have different views on Kaiju, like how Gento and his professor. Gento sees Kaiju as a threat, even when they haven’t done anything threatening at all, and Blazar sees Kaiju as another living being, who can be harmless if they want to, like Demaaga in this episode. Of course, Blazar can take full control of the body, which is signified by the “scar” on his left eye glows and goes ablaze.

Blazar’s action after that left Yasunobu, Chief Retsu, and other GGF members shocked and upset, because what they want don’t line up with what Blazar wants. GGF want to exterminate the Kaiju, while Blazar wants to protect the Kaiju. GGF probably thought, “But the Kaiju could go on a rampage at any moment, why do you protect it?” Fortunately, Blazar comes up with a more peaceful way to deal with the Kaiju. By summoning his Spiral Burrade for the second time, Blazar turn it into a cocoon to shelter Demaaga and its baby and put them to a peaceful rest. In contrast to the GGF, this action gives Blazar a praise from Jun, by stating that he’s the coolest that he’s ever been. This is due to what Blazar did align with what Jun consider as right, by letting Demaaga and its baby have their peaceful lives inside Blazar’s cocoon.

Lastly, I want to point out another thing that I find interesting in this episode, that is Gento’s relationship with his family. From this episode, we can see that Gento is a loving father to his families. His interaction with Jun is so wholesome and endearing to watch, especially at the end of the episode. Also, I thought Gento’s family know of his line of work. I assume that they know that he works at the GGF, but they don’t know that he’s the captain of a squad, as Teruaki points out that Gento told his family that he works in the Engineer Unit. What makes me smile is how casual he is when answering the phone from SKaRD, to cover up his true position in GGF to his family. I’m keen to find out why Gento cover up that he’s captain of SKaRD from his family, but it might just be to assure them of his safety.

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