Mecha Profile: MS Gundam Zeta – MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

Combiners and Transformables robots are almost a requirement for a mecha show to be made back in the golden Mecha age. However, it is not easy to create a mech with an intricate combination/transformation gimmick. It is always fascinating that mechs can transform into vehicles like aircraft or ground vehicles. One of the most memorable cannot be anything but the Zeta Gundam, the first Gundam that transforms.

I. History:

– The Anti-Earth Union Group ( AEUG ) – an organization that formed to fight against the Titans contracted Anaheim Electronics to construct transformable multi-role mobile suits fitting their requirements at the time in the early Universal Century U.C. 0086. The project began as the name “Project Zeta” involving multiple top engineers from the company to create such cutting edge and revolutionary designs under the lead of Dr.Alexandro Pilsudski.

– However, problems were everywhere during the project such as after the first two prototypes were completed, the MSA-005 Methuss and MSN-001 Delta Gundam because of their system complexities leading to multiple issues that were fixed and adjusted later on. Even with doubts coming to people’s mind about Dr.Pilsudski’s project, he still moved forward to complete the third prototype with the utmost advanced pieces of technology possible fitted to the name of Zeta Gundam. The Zeta Gundam then made its debut on time during the Gryps Conflict in the early U.C. 0087. Piloted by a young man named Kamille Bidan replacing his less superior Gundam Mk.II. Kamille used Zeta Gundam in various battles during the Gryps Conflict against the Titans – a powerful organization supported by the Earth Federation at first. His incredible skills made Zeta Gundam one of the most powerful units at the time able to turn the tides of war for the AEUG and even beat The O – one of the most powerful mobile suits of the Titans piloted by his rival – Paptimus Scirocco.    

– After the fateful battle with Scirocco, Kamille suffered severe brain damage and was in a vegetative state. The Zeta Gundam was brought to Shangri-La – a colony in Side 1. Junk collector Judau Ashta became the pilot of the Zeta Gundam and join the Argama to fight in the first Neo Zeon War. After receiving the ZZ Gundam, Judau and his fellow pilot Roux occasionally switch mobile suits, taking turns piloting the Zeta Gundam. During the battle with the Queen Mansa, the Zeta was destroyed, but not after delivering a decisive blow against its enemy.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:
– The MSN-006 Zeta Gundam is made from Gundarium Gamma Alloy – a newer and better material than the earlier Luna Titanium Alloy found on the first Gundam making it as sturdy as older models. It also has a brand new Bio-Sensor device – a device that accommodates a Newtype human pilot using its psycho waves via mental commands. Generators were put inside its shins including hybrid thermonuclear jet and rocket engines on its leg then the Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor on its torso. Adjustments were made until all issues were resolved making it very maneuverable.

– One of the most distinctive features is it has a movable frame or in detail it is transformable into a cruising mode named the “Wave Rider Mode” by becoming an aircraft-shaped vehicle using its wing shaped Flying Armor on the back part which can be used to help Zeta enter Earth’s atmosphere without any additional equipment. It can also act as another mobile suit’s flying platform. 

– Basic weapons were installed and made for Zeta Gundam, from the regular 60-millimeter vulcan gun mounted on its head and a pair of Grenade Launcher on Zeta’s forearms which are very lethal if landed a direct hit on the enemy with 4 rounds as basic but optionally able to install 19 rounds with extended magazine. Zeta can also install an Anchor Wire instead of Grenades to immobilize enemies. However these are only usable on Mobile Suit Mode. 

– Zeta can also carry a lot of ordnance. From the powerful XBR-M87A2 Beam Rifle gun which can also emit its beam creating a long Beam Saber and the Du.105 Beam Saber that is specialized for Zeta Gunam which can be used as a low output beam shot when in Wave Rider Mode. The high durability shield also acts as the nose of Wave Rider Mode connecting the left and right of the Flying Armor. The biggest and most powerful of them all is the Hyper Mega Launcher – a high output beam launcher that is used to perform anti-shipping roles and even able to turn into a long beam saber.

– A special feature of the Zeta Gundam – which can only be unlocked by a powerful newtype – is to use the Bio-sensor device to enhance the mobile suit’s performance to a new level. So far, only Kamille was seen performing the attack against Scirocco. But he fell into a vegetative state as a result of the immense mental strain.

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