Mecha Profile: Gundam ZZ – ZZ Gundam

Transformable robots were such a hit back in the day but let’s not forget that combiner robots are also super popular too – which was the foundation of many mecha series that built the Golden Era of robots. Multiple machines combining into one cool-looking robot never gets boring and to keep that on the streamline, the Double Zeta or ZZ Gundam made its debut in the series with the same name.

I. History:

  – Double Zeta or ZZ Gundam is the direct development after the earlier successful prototype – MSN-006 Zeta Gundam. At first the project was made under the code name of θ (Theta) Gundam by Anaheim Electronics which actually existed two years before its predecessor but due to internal competitions and production delays it was shelved away but with the arrival of newer mobile suits from the Titans became more stronger than the Zeta Gundam, the ZZ Gundam development then resumed.    

– ZZ Gundam was given to Judau Ashta as its main pilot from the Argama-class carrier of the AEUG – the Anti-Earth Union Group, fighting alongside its predecessor. At first only its Neo Core Fighter part arrived to Judau piloted by his friend – Roux Louka then in the middle of a space battle with Neo Zeon forces, the other two pieces of the machine then came in time for Judau to combine together becoming a fully functional ZZ Gundam which also made its first combat debut there – in the First Neo Zeon War.

– With its highly advanced features such as its Core Block system and a movable frame with bio-sensor accommodated for Newtype use including unique weapons, ZZ maintenance was very poor and complicated, its transformable system also has multiple issues. All these problems were then resolved when ZZ Gundam was upgraded to its newer model by Anaheim Electronics – the Enhanced ZZ Gundam in time before Judau’s final battle with Haman Karn’s Qubeley.  

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam was made with multi-space structured Gundarim alloy armor making it more durable than its predecessors. It can withstand another mobile suit’s explosion at close range and high water pressure, its wing shields on its arms can also defend the cockpit from direct beam attacks even if its a Mega Particle Beam. Using Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor with three high-output generators, its engine on the backpack is also as powerful as a large warship, it is also the main thrusters for ZZ Gundam to maneuver around alongside its magnet coating and movable frame technology in order to maintain its mobility as requested by AEUG. ZZ also integrated a bio-sensor to accommodate Newtype pilot’s powers that would amplify the mobile suit’s abilities as well. 

– Much similar to its predecessor ZZ is also a transformable mobile suit but with more complicated features such as its Core Block system was actually derived from the original RX-78-2 Gundam to accommodate with its other Top and Base cores using the Neo Core Fighter as the center core. ZZ Gundam can also transform into a large G-Fortress aircraft shaped mode for high speed cruising.        

– For weapons the ZZ Gundam has 60 millimeter machine guns installed on its head as a standard like most mobile suits. Its iconic built-in weapon can be nothing else but the forehead-mounted High Mega Cannon – a 50 Megawatts large beam particle that can easily destroy any mobile suits in its path and can even critically damage them in a glancing hit, ZZ cannot handle a repeated usage due to its high power. It is also the most powerful weapon to ever be installed on a mobile suit. 

–  ZZ’s other unique ordinances that were made to work along with its powerful engine include the Double Beam Rifle that has a high power rating than ordinary Beam rifles with as much as 21.2 MW and 10.6 when fired individually, it also needs to be replaced after every 200 shots including the cockpit at the back. A pair of Hyper Beam Saber that is larger and more powerful than ordinary Beam Saber with 1.1 MW power and can even turn into a Beam Cannon on the back of the backpack that has 10 MW each side. The backpack itself also has a pair of 21 tube missile launchers that can be used in the G-Fortress mode as well.    

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